Budweiser barbecue sauce - 61p in-store @ Sainsburys

Budweiser barbecue sauce - 61p in-store @ Sainsburys

Found 1st Nov 2008
Bud barby sauce back at 61p at my local Sainsbury, was 2.44.


You need to change the price from £ to P

I think £61.00 is stone cold. Not so bad at £0.61 :-)

now thats pricey

dearest sauce..............ever!!!

At £61.00 I'll buy a box full!! Lol.:p

£61 is expensive unless its for a pallet or something...

I just bought the marinade sauce and the barbecue sauce for 35p at Farmfoods:roll:

h&r added love the stuff !

Changed it to 61p... and I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks.

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Thanks Emmajk, was in a bit of a rush this morning, but at least if got a laugh from the sad gits.

just returned from sainsbury torquay,still £2.44 but price/100gms was £0.61 is someone getting confused or has anyone actually bought some at £0.61??

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I bought 3 bottles this morning for 61p each.
This deal was posted a bit ago, but my local has just reduced the price today.


61p truro sainsburys barbecue sauce marinade was 62p also ainsley harriot bbq marinade spray 57p
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