budweiser or pepsi 8 litre thermo electric fridge / warmer 12v / 240v £17.24  @ Scan normal retail £50 plus!!

budweiser or pepsi 8 litre thermo electric fridge / warmer 12v / 240v £17.24 @ Scan normal retail £50 plus!!

£28.08Scan Deals
Found 2nd Sep 2009
Was looking for a birthday present and stumbled upon this at scan, everywhere else these retail for £50+

ok so not everyones cup of tea but great for the garden / camping / front room!!!

8 Litre Electric Budweiser Cooler / Warmer

8 litres gross capacity

General Information

cools to 20ºC below ambient temperature
warms up to 65ºC by set point thermostat
fully portable
includes two detachable power cords:
230v AC - home/workplace
12v DC outdoor - Car,boat,motorhome,beach,BBQ,etc
fully polyurethene linig ensures temperature maintained for long periods without electical supply
hot/cold switch
on/off switch
red/green LED indicates warming or cooling
CFC Free
high cooling efficiency with foam insulation providing long lasting cooling even after turning the cooler off
fold away handle
capacity 8 litres, will hold approximately 12 x 330ml cans or 9 x 440ml cans
compact design

Power Consumption

AC 63W (typical) cooling and warming
DC 63W (typical) cooling and warming

Dimensions Product

Height x 412 mm
Width x 295 mm
Depth x 268 mm

1 Year

EDIT : the budwesier ones have sold out now, only these left (pepsi


same fridge, just pepsi
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nice find - thanks!
sorry i dont understand

how can this thing heat and chill at the same time ?
£28.08 including delivery hmmm
Carriage £9.43 + vat

Total £28.08

£28.08 including delivery hmmm

beat me to it:p

sorry i dont understandhow can this thing heat and chill at the same time … sorry i dont understandhow can this thing heat and chill at the same time ?

it can't it's either warm or cold

it's got a switch on back.

I bought one of these 8 years or so back, still going strong
and cools to 20ºC below ambient temperature , not really good
got it to put away for part of hubbys christmas
Very noisy, waste of time....never "normal retail £50 plus!!"

and cools to 20ºC below ambient temperature , not really good

maybe i read this wrong, but if it's 25 C - ambient temp, then 20 below that means 5 C, which is cool enough, or am I completely wrong and only cools down to about 20C, which isnt cold at all?

and cools to 20ºC below ambient temperature , not really good

To be fair, if ambient is 25 degrees, that's the recommended temperature for a fridge.

If ambient is 35, then maybe you should use it to store ales, not lagers!

Very noisy, waste of time....never "normal retail £50 plus!!"

care to share a link?

anyway, apologies for not including postage as i live not far from scan, just thought i`d post, you can please em all

Sorry, yes cools to 20c below ambient temp.

my house temp at the moment is 21.5c so this should cool to 1.5c which is cool enough!!!
Anyone who has been an AVForums.com or Hexus.Net member with enough post should get free delivery, but I think you still need to spend a minimum of £20 or £25 (can't remember!). So a couple of basket fillers will do :thumbsup:

Heat added!
Does this hold bottles of beer or just cans?
I've got an unbranded one of these, and a few observations

1. they are a bit noisy, and probably not very efficient so you wouldn't leave it on all the time

2. they are much better suited to keeping things cold tan getting them cold (i.e. chill stuff in your main fridge then transfer it)

3. They are very handy (a) to keep by your chair when the football or cricket is on (b) as an overflow at Christmas etc and (c) to run outside if you have a barbeque (fat chance this year).

I would say £25-£30 is a fair price for these, and they are worth having as long as you don't expect anything like the glass fronted "proper" beer fridges that go for about £90.
I had a similar non-branded version of this fridge and I changed the fan for a SilenX one, same CFM rating but much lower noise.
I used to buy these things... they are more or less like a cool box and will keep things at the temperature you put them in at... so your beers have to be ice cold when they go in or your dinner has to be piping hot when it goes in. Also the enrgy rating on these things is appaulling (an american style fridge freezer uses less energy keeping things cool)
These are for most ppl going to be used for a few days, then boxed away somewhere.

Theyre not really very good at all, and dont hold much.

You're better off spending more on a more 'proper' mini fridge, or getting off your **** and going to the kitchen for your beer.

Alternatively, buy an ice tub and use that instead!
Presumably the comments that this only keeps already cold items cold are correct. If the power rating is 63W for this 8 litre container, then it can't possibly have the cooling capability of cooling boxes which typically draw several amps (@240 V) even for 15 litre sizes.

I'd love one of these if it actually performed as per spec.
doesn't work or sold out
Anyone know how cool huskys genuinely get?

rather get on of … rather get on of thesehttp://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=1500001801&productId=1500487287&langId=-1&engine=froogle&keyword=Mini+Fridge+Whitecold


A. they are basically the same fridge
B. the scan ones are twice the size (8litre the argod one is 4 litre)

anyway scan do have some left only the pepsi ones, link here

The idea these things will only keep stuff at the temperature they are at when put in the box just completely ignores the laws of physics.

OK it may take a while to get to temperature, but if you boil a bottle of beer & put a freezing bottle of beer in an adjacent cool box, then eventually both will reach 20°C below ambient (providing that is the true capability of the machine).
For the UK, 20°C below ambient will be fine for most of the time.
Just what I was looking for my butlins room (no fridge cos half board) - ordered cheers op....
hello everyone, this is an ok deal considering i bought this cooler for £25 three years ago hahahaha. apart from that it is extremely quiet and has lasted me for ages and is still quiet and cools to the same temperature, so ignore all those cheaper brands and no branded coolers obviously!!!
But really I am shocked to find this not cheaper considering that is such an old model but I guess it is the best cooler at this price.

PS. i cant see why anyone needs the heater, i have never used it, i use a microwave haha
Just been advised that they don't have any of the pepsi ones left after I'd ordered yesterday - so looks like expired now...
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