Budz My First Digital Camera £10 reduced from £40.00 @ Lloyds

Budz My First Digital Camera £10 reduced from £40.00 @ Lloyds

Found 21st Dec 2009Made hot 22nd Dec 2009
£3.95 p&p don't forget quidco

Perfect for budding photographers, their first proper camera is chunky and colourful, with 2 eyeholes because children find closing one eye difficult, and an LED screen. You can use it as a video recorder and a webcam too.

Digital camera
USB cable
Installation disc
User manual

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98SC/2000/ME/XP/Vista
125mb free hard disc space
24-bit colour monitor (800 x 600 resolution)
USB 1.0 port
CD-Rom drive

Builds and develops your child's fine motor skills - the small and precise thumb, finger and hand movements needed to complete everyday tasks
Encourages problem solving, helping your child to have ideas and make their own decisions, and enabling them to explore and enjoy the world around the

Requires 2 x AA batteries
For ages 3 years and over


Does this have a proper screen does anyone know to view photos

[SIZE="2"]£12.50 delivered on Ebay , seller: Lloydspharmacy[/SIZE] :whistling:

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well done merckx :thumbsup:- this is my second post all i can do is try my best


[SIZE="2"]£12.50 delivered on Ebay , seller: Lloydspharmacy[/SIZE] … [SIZE="2"]£12.50 delivered on Ebay , seller: Lloydspharmacy[/SIZE] :whistling:

Only 7 items for sale and no camera!


http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/302850/budz-my-first-digital-camera-was-30See this post before you decide

Bigger credit crunch last year it seems :lol:


Only 7 items for sale and no camera!


I can see 300 items for sale and they include 7 cameras.

Do a search for[COLOR="White"]:.... [/COLOR] Budz My First Digital Camera

Are ebay links functionable on here, mine isn't working?


well done merckx :thumbsup:- this is my second post all i can do is try … well done merckx :thumbsup:- this is my second post all i can do is try my best

Appreciated! :santa:


well done merckx :thumbsup:- this is my second post all i can do is try … well done merckx :thumbsup:- this is my second post all i can do is try my best

You're done far more than me, I don't think I'll ever find a good deal and it's not for the lack of looking. :cry:

It's much harder to find a good deal than to do the easy bit that I did doing a quick search on Google for a price check.

I was fortunate to find it on ebay, it's only slightly cheaper and some will prefer to buy it directly from the Llloyds Pharmacy website.

This had really bad reviews

Available in store?

"reduced from £40.00" - riiiiiight. Has anyone ever seen this for £40?

we bought one last year for £15 from lloyds. its basically a cheap copy of the Vtech one. its very very poor. small screen , very low res, awkward to use and picture quality was also very poor. Poor child was very disappointed. its a good price but rubbish bit of kit so i would recommed that you dont waste your money

It's one of those items which never retails at "full price".

The quality of the images and the "viewer" is truly awful.

A young child cannot hold the camera still enough for the delayed shutter mechanism to take anything like a reasonable photo.

You cannot see the image you have taken on the viewer with any clarity whatsoever.

Yep, bought it last year had to return within a day. Not good at all.

Awful camera, stay clear.

Agree, very poor camera. We decided not to give it to our son, but sent it to landfill instread.

Ordered one previously, and it was straight back in the post as a return that day. To their credit Lloyds Pharmacy provided a freepost address which meant I could return the whole big package free of charge, and they credited my PayPal account immediately. Props to them on that score.

Camera is worse than bad. Quite a stretch classing it as a camera to be honest. It wouldn't even stay powered on as the battery housing was so loose the batteries weren't pushed in tight enough. The visual display is pitiful. Pathetic, fuzzy resolution. Image in view finder bears no resemblance to actual picture you're trying to take. Not even fit for a 2 year old.

If you want a cheap toy camera then you could consider this for a fiver at aria:


Be very careful buying the VTech Kidizoom as if you don't get the Pro version then the resolution is something appalling like .3 megapixel. We have opted for the Crayola toy camera with 2.1 Megapixel which is only about 30 quid new. It was a toss up between that and the Lego camera which is 3 megapixel but slightly more expensive. Any more than 30 Quid though and I'm very tempted to get a cheap adults camera and if it gets bashed about then it doesn't really matter anyway as it's cheap and not meant to last them forever.

I bought last yr too, it is awful!! So grainy, can hardly make out who or what the pics are that were taken, it went straight back, wouldn't pay a quid for one even, totally useless, inless they have updated the model, which i doubt, i'd stay clear, i bought from lloyds last yr, they accepted the return ok so you could always order then return like i did if rubbish xx

avoid like the plague, I got one of these for my little girl and absolutely terrible. You have to be completely still or the photos are blurry (like that's going to happen with kids). Mega poor quality.

My daughter has this camera last christmas and I would avoid at all costs.

Amazing this got voted so hot with all the negative comments.

I'll post a white dog turd for sale in the next few days for a fiver, that will be off the chart looking at this.

Terrible camera, not woth £1 nevermind £10

It gets so hot as people just vote without knowing what they are voting for

If I could give these negative stars I would (-10). What a dreadful, awful product. Build quality is utter rubbish, there's not even a spring in the battery compartment so the batteries move about and lose contact, and then any pictures taken are lost for good because there's no memeory card.
I can't believe these once sold for £30-£40. They are not worth £1. The screen on the back is low quality and grainy. My kids went out for a walk and took loads of pictures, got home and the camera wouldn't switch on because the batteries weren't touching their connectors, so all photos LOST. Kids unhappy. I'm unhappy, frustrated and angry.


Utter Rubbish that crap like this can be sold in this day and age.
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