Budz My First Digital Camera £20 @ Lloyds Pharmacy
Budz My First Digital Camera £20 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Budz My First Digital Camera £20 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

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Found this in my local Llyods and looks to be the best price out the at the mo at half price and can order online to!
details -
Perfect for budding photographers, their first proper camera is chunky and colourful, with 2 eyeholes because children find closing one eye difficult, and an LED screen. You can use it as a video recorder and a webcam too.

Digital camera
USB cable
Installation disc
User manual

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98SC/2000/ME/XP/Vista
125mb free hard disc space
24-bit colour monitor (800 x 600 resolution)
USB 1.0 port
CD-Rom drive

Builds and develops your child's fine motor skills - the small and precise thumb, finger and hand movements needed to complete everyday tasks
Encourages problem solving, helping your child to have ideas and make their own decisions, and enabling them to explore and enjoy the world around the

Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)
For ages 3 years and over


got one of theses last year when it was £13.00. they are rubbish. really wouldnt bother

Ditto comment above, and they went down to £7 just before christmas las year.

I agree ! paid £7 too and it's not even worth that IMO

Have to agree with the others i'm afraid.
Ours didn't seem to hold the batteries in place so the slightest knock or even placing it on a table and it would dislodge the batteries.
Picture quality was very poor too, i didn't expect anything like a normal camera, but you couldn't even see the picture taken and my son seems quite good at taking pictures with my camera.

I'd seriously look at buying a cheap £20 - £30 camera.

Oh god, yeah I bought one of these last year. Green / Silver - absolutely awful. Ended up getting a refund!

r_n_k ,
I am reluctant to criticise your post because at least you made the effort but I also bought 2 of these last year, from Lloyds, for a lot less than £20 and they are awful. Not worth £2 I reckon. Go get the cheapest proper digital camera you can find and you will be far better off.

Geez, I bought 1 of these from LA for $50 last year and I agree with the others, it's really poor.

You literally have to stay still for a few seconds while the picture is taken and the quality is so poor that you can't make out what the picture is. For £20, you better off buying a cheap 2nd hand camera off eBay and let your children play/destroy with it :).

Got one for my son, its rubbish, you can barely see the picture on the screen, to make matters worse my son tripped and dropped it. Tried to get a refund as it didn't work and they told me it was my fault. I tried to explain it was a kids toy and it should have some resistance to being used! I eventually got a refund but not worth the hastle
Dont waste your money, get a cheap throw away.

Original Poster

well back to the drawing board but thanks for the comments at least i ain't spent my pennies yet.

i saw this in asda last night for £8.97ish

im the same as the others. got it last year the quality is rubbish

If I could give these negative stars I would (-10). What a dreadful, awful product. Build quality is utter rubbish, there's not even a spring in the battery compartment so the batteries move about and lose contact, and then any pictures taken are lost for good because there's no memeory card.
I can't believe these once sold for £30-£40. They are not worth £1. The screen on the back is low quality and grainy. My kids went out for a walk and took loads of pictures, got home and the camera wouldn't switch on because the batteries weren't touching their connectors, so all photos LOST. Kids unhappy. I'm unhappy, frustrated and angry.


Utter Rubbish that crap like this can be sold in this day and age.
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