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Buff Merino Wool Multi Functional Headwear £11 @ Amazon

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Merino Wool Buff can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie and bandana. 100% sustainable eco fabric for maximum comfort and insulation. Naturally antibacterial it resists odour and can be worn for days (even weeks) without washing, making it the ideal fabric for adventures in the wild.
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    Not sure about this specific one but snoods are great. I’ve been wearing one all day indoors and out. Amazing how much it makes the rest of your body feel warm. Well worth getting one.
    Mind recommending a good one? Or the one you use, per chance? Would rather know I’m paying for quality, if anything!
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    Product Details
    Material Composition
    I’ve bought these before and I think there are mistakes in the description. I expect this to be 100% merino and for £11 it’s a great deal
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    No mention of polyester.


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    49004188-Qh2SV.jpgCan confirm these are 100% merino.
    How have you been liking it so far? I've ordered 2 which are arriving tomorrow and wondering what they're like
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    £11 for a £2.99 snood? Wise up amazon
    Where can you buy a merino snood for less than £2.99?
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    Google buff Marino and there are other retailer selling them for £9
    I’ve just googled as you suggested and there is a site that is selling what appears to be this product but the delivery fee for under a £40 spend is £2.99! 
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    Thanks OP, ordered 2 and used the £7 off pick up promo, so £15 for 2!
    PS am also a Cambridge Gal 😃
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    The ones for £22 are allegedly Merino. This one is polyester unfortunatelly.
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    That’s only got one review! Must be a very recent addition to Amazon! How did you come across the product? Thanks in advance.
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    People on Amazon Q+A are saying it's wool
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    If you buy this “merino” product and it’s polyester would Amazon refund and you keep the product or would they require the product to be returned? Thanks in advance.
    Bit of a coin flip. More likely they ask for it to be returned using the free return process.
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    pirate cap
    Ideal for the so called auditors on YouTube.
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    These are great gifts if you know any cyclists, cycle commuters, or hikers. I own several Buffs (I prefer the named brand but whatever, get cheaper knock-offs if you want) and they're worn on a daily basis, often during winter, but great in the summer too
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    I always buy Buffs. I have 2 merino ones like this and 2 polyester ones. They're all great. The wool ones are lighter but lose their stretch a wee bit faster. I tend to wear 2 at a time (1 of each) taking one off if too warm etc. They're great.
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    How wide are these? I have a massive head and neck, and the ones in primark just aren't big enough.
    Buff have a size chart but of course it's not that helpful for this type of accessory: buff.com/gb/…ide
    I've got a few different snood type things from both Buff and others (from Amazon). The buff ones were pretty stretchy but typically remained 'tight' as meant to stay on your face if pull them up (as intended). Very easy to breathe through though whilst also keeping warm.

    Oh, also if you look around there are also equivalent snood type things that have velcro encolusures etc at the back so don't have to pull over your head if you've got the one the size of Mekon! (edited)
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    Standard deliver... by Prime. Dandy!
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    scruffs fleece snoods are amazing and cheap
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    Just in time for a job I have to do at my local Post Office next week!
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    How on earth is this hot at £11
    If its Merino wool that would increase the price!? If it is Merino wool what product would beat this price? Thanks in advance.
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    My wife needs one urgently
    T M I
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    isnt it just a Blatant LIE calling soemthing made of polyester ....Merino Wool
    Where does it say that? This one is merino wool. The standard Buffs are polyester.
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    • Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities. Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.
    • UltraStretch technology: highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.
    • Polyester
    • Hand Wash Only
    • Fastening: Pull On
    • Lightweight Solid
    • 100637
    • Protect yourself against the ultraviolet radiations from the sun. Designed for best protection in sunny environments.
    • Made using recycled materials. Do more Now and help creating a better world to enjoy.

    It says made from Polyester and made from recycled materials! I don’t think it’s Merino Wool!?
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    Viva la Revolution 🔥
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    Always thought it was called a snood.
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    Village mandem
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    Very thin though.
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    Thanks for posting
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    Anyone recommend a non scratchy one? Work outdoors and after a shave the ones I have bought are a huge pain! Come home with a rash
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    Are these good to rob a bank?
    Probably better using a weapon of some sort
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    Expired - price has gone up to £18.86.