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Buff Unisex Solid Heavyweight Merino Wool £15.44 @ Amazon

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Only Black is £15

Heavyweight Merino Wool Neckwarmer. Comfortable and warm wool neck tubular made of natural fibers. 100% Merino wool gaiter designed for protection in extreme cold conditions during low-medium intensity outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and climbing. Winter neck tubular designed with advanced insulation properties. Extremely warm natural Merino wool neck tubular designed for a high thermal insulation. Ideal for low-medium intensity outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and horse riding.

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  • The warmest in the Merino Wool collection: 500 gr/m².
  • Eco attitude! Discover and enjoy our most sustainable products.
  • Double layer protection, warmest Merino wool accessory.
  • Made from natural Merino wool. 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.
  • Made of two Merino Wool layers and 300 gr/m² total density.4066263-3OLSv.jpg4066263-xJLLB.jpg4066263-kJfpe.jpg4066263-bc3RC.jpg4066263-xCuLz.jpg
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    I like it - feels thin but really keeps the neck warm. Will wear it on the slopes while skiing. Got it for £11 when last deal was on.
    That was the lightweight version.
    I bought that too.
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    I have one of these. Never gets cold enough to use it. It's overkill for UK weather, unless you like a good sweat. The light merino Buff gaiters are brilliant, and more than enough unless you're venturing into the Arctic Circle. Still, good price.
    I think it depends on both the climate and the activity level. I’ve just received one that I ordered, and it’s perfect for standing or walking in cold UK weather, but I think it’d be too heavy for cycling, running etc (I’m going to look out for one of those light merino Buff gaiters that you mentioned for that).
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    Just no
    Your experience really helps me make a choice.
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    Half the material weight than the one in the deal
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    This is shorter in length than their lightweight alternative. It's length is around 28cm. The lightweight ones are around 65cm.

    I went for this one for winter hikes in Snowdonia and Scotland. Works great. I wouldn't wear it in an urban setting though, go for the lightweight version for that.
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    Bought for use on th motorbike. Bought the lightweight one last month and it's just too thin to prevent the wind whistling through it, so this should be a happy medium..
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    Are Buff are good brand? I'd never heard of them until today. They are based in Barcelona which is unusual for a outdoor clothing company.
    Really good. I have a merino wool knitted hat, this scarf that is listed, a merino wool lightweight beanie and a lightweaight version of the item listed here (the latter 2 for running). All excellent.
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    I've got this and also the lightweight version. The lightweight one is a lot longer, and therefore a bit more versatile. I use the lightweight one for running or wearing under my helmet in chilly conditions, whereas this one is great in the depths of winter. Because of its shape, I find it's easier to wear with a fully zipped up jacket than a traditional scarf. Because it's merino wool, its very comfortable, and because its by Buff, it's great quality. Highly recommended, espcially at this price.