Buffalo 500gb External Harddrive - Possible Misprice - £134.99

Buffalo 500gb External Harddrive - Possible Misprice - £134.99

Found 15th Dec 2006
Manufacturer's Description
The DriveStation SATA USB 2.0 500gb Hard Drive offer a quick and easy way to instantly store, access, backup and transfer your music, photos, videos and other files. Easy to setup DriveStation easily connects to any device with an available USB port: desktop, notebook, LinkStation or TeraStation network attached storage. In an age of digital storage, ensuring data confidentiality is a necessity. Secure Lock Ware encrypts and protects your important personal data from theft, misplacement, and unauthorized access. Using optional fan unit, multiple DriveStations can be stacked with easy-to-use slide-in clips, to save valuable desktop space. Schedule backups with Memeo professional backup sw.

Box Contents
# DriveStation
# Quick Setup Guide
# USB Cable
# Setup CD-ROM
# Power Supply
# Rubber Feet (x4)
# Warranty Statement


no thats the regular price as far as Im aware. it was 80 the other week lol now THAT was a misprice

wtf oh you beat me too it kingkano

lol possible missprice

The Western Digital 500gb My Book is still £117 from Play: ]http//ww…tal

Just got mine yesterday, amazing price I reckon.

Thats not a misprice.

Yeah, that's a good price but not astounding.

What is astounding is how much prices of these things genuinely do fall.

Original Poster

i know its been a while since i bought a hard drive, didn't realise their so unbelievably cheap. Half a terabyte for £134, I'm having one

I purchased a 160GB back in Aug 2005 - they were not common back then!

Now everyone has them!

I thought 160 GB would last me for years! Clearly I was wrong, it was filled in 12 months!

I'm waiting for a 500GB SATA Mistprice


I'm waiting for a 500GB SATA Mistprice

In that case you missed one last week. The same drive 500Gb Buffalo @ Amazon for about £85. However, only a handful of people managed to get it delivered, the other 99% had their orders cancelled. Some managed to wangle some gift vouchers out of it whilst most just gave up :santa:
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