Buffalo DriveStation HD-HC750U2-1 750GB External HDD £64.99 @ ebuyer
Buffalo DriveStation HD-HC750U2-1 750GB External HDD £64.99 @ ebuyer

Buffalo DriveStation HD-HC750U2-1 750GB External HDD £64.99 @ ebuyer

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Buffalo's Drive Station external hard drives allow users to keep backups of files, digital images, documents that will not take up the room on your PC's main drive. The DriveStation connected to your PC automatically turns on once you power your PC. Installation is easy with Auto Setup feature; no need to install a driver (except for Win98/98SE). You can schedule automatic backup of your files in seconds using DriveStation backup software. Fanless design allows the DriveStations to operate silently while the Heat Sink Chassis keeps the internal components cool during operation. The unique chassis design offers flexibility for vertical or horizontal placement. Auto installation and easy operation makes the DriveStation a true plug and play storage solution for anybody.


Bought one of these a few weeks ago. Same retailer, same price.

Pros: it automatically switched on/off with the computer (even my Mac).

Cons: it's not silent as claimed. There's no fan noise, but the drive is a little squeely.

hi is this ac powered or usb powered

It'll be AC powered - I don't think 2.5" hard drives (the ones that don't usually need external power), go up to 750GB yet.

Its mains powered.

Beat me to it.

Oooooooh... So tempted... My older 320GB drive just died a couple of weeks ago and I hate the idea of having all my data only on one drive, exactly for that reason.
Argh, can't resist the itch in my wallet... Very hot!

Any reviews? I had a couple of Iomegas and one died after 3 months... Now the other is looking unwell!

What make/model of drive is fitted in this? Anyone?

I presume it connects via USB2 and not firewire?


Great - came up at just the right moment for me. Thanks - it's in the basket.


What make/model of drive is fitted in this? Anyone?I presume it connects … What make/model of drive is fitted in this? Anyone?I presume it connects via USB2 and not firewire?Z

I know currently the 1TB version uses a Samsung SpinPoint F1, but some people have reported other manufacturers drives in different sizes.


First of all, this is a MADE IN JAPAN external hard drive. Unlike the Made in China ones, it means reliable and good quality.

Second, the power mode can be set to auto that enables the drive on/off automatically when you plug in/off your computer.

Third, the inside drive is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATAII hard drive. It is made in Singapore and the quality is better than made in Thailand or in China.

Fourth, this drive comes with no Turbo-USB software. However, as the IC is Surplus SPIF216A which is almost the same as the Turbo-USB’s Sunplus SPIF-216B, you can still use your Turbo-USB soft ware from another source to enable TURBO-USB on this external drive in order to achieve higher transfer rate.

The only problem is the Seagate. I must say, compare to Samsung Drive, this Seagate drive is noisy and hot. However, this little problem can also be acceptable.

now £74.99

Damn! Too late I was going to buy one of those today.
Oh well perhaps they'll be on sale again later ???

PS: Do these drives work with Mac OS Time Machine if you keep them FAT32 formatted or do you have to reformat them to HFS ?

With the price increase and the noise/uncertainty of the Seagate drive, I think I'll give this a miss.

Not convinced these are MADE IN JAPAN any more - my colleague bought a 250gb version and it was MADE IN CHINA

now 74.99 voted expired

Just out of interest, mine arrived today and it was indeed made in Japan.
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