Buffalo LinkStation 210 2TB 1-bay (1 x 2TB) NAS Drive £69.99 delivered @ ebuyer

Buffalo LinkStation 210 2TB 1-bay (1 x 2TB) NAS Drive £69.99 delivered @ ebuyer

Found 13th Oct 2016
Buffalo™ Technology's new LinkStation™ 210D series makes sure you have all your data in a central place and can access it from anywhere in the world.

The LS210 combines the convenience and capacity of Network Attached Storage with an incredibly easy User Interface and super-quiet fan-less operation. It is fast and ready for intensive data storage tasks and can even be set up via Smartphones with a new mobileoptimised and intuitive interface.

Buffalo™ Technology's LS210 series is a single bay Network Attached Storage available fully populated with 2TB capacity.

2TB (1 x 2TB) Drives Installed

Powerful backup NovaBACKUP

Built-in BitTorrent

Quick and easy setup

WebAccess - Free Apps
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amazon have price matched!
anyone know can you take the hd out of this?

amazon have price matched!

But for prime members only! and out of stock.

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Managed to get one of these 2 years ago after the HUKD post that Tesco were having a national(-ish) clear-out of hard drives - hotukdeals.com/dea…597 Not sure that eBuyer can really claim that the LS210D is a new product from Buffalo, unless it's had a refresh?

As a single-drive NAS, the unit works well connected straight to the router - lots of admin/share settings on the built-in web app, but haven't used them too much. The downloadable apps are a bit clunky, from what I remember (didn't pursue them). I haven't tried to extract the disk either (it's buried somewhere at the back underneath the stairs - probably not great for ventilation!) so not sure what disk is inside.

Ultimately it's a cheap price for a pretty good bit of kit if you want a basic file store (as long as you have a back-up somewhere too...)

Voted hot.

anyone know can you take the hd out of this?

​Yes you can, I've done it several times to recover data. They have an Linux file system on them so don't expect to be just sticking the drive in your pc and reading it.
Was eyeing this for the drive inside until I spotted the drive is only SATA II. It may not matter to most but could be worth pointing out.

From the product page:
Storage Controller

Type - SATA
Interface Type - SATA 3Gb/s

Hard Drive

Type - HDD
Capacity - 1 x 2 TB
Interface Type - SATA 3Gb/s
now to £89.99, please expire...
Back at 69.99
Tricky to set up. Terrible apps. Spent two hours on it tonight and got nowhere. Will try again and return if it continues to not have the "easy setup" promised.
What HD does this have inside? This review: youtu.be/m6c…wdM of the 3TB varient said it came with a Seagate 7200rpm drive which is a bit too power hungry.

You can look up the model of disk installed in the advanced settings, drives, more (See the youtube video 6m and 2 second into the video) the model name is shown against disk1) no need to take the unit apart!

I'm after a low power NAS to hold torrents from my Raspberry Pi Libreelec box running Kodi (Krypton) and Transmission. Notice there are firmware updates from 2016 are these worth installing , assume so buffalotech.com/pro…ies.

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does Plex work with this?
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