Buffalo LinkStation 220 Series 2TB (2 x 1TB) 2-Bay NAS for £109.99 @ Dabs

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Series 2TB (2 x 1TB) 2-Bay NAS for £109.99 @ Dabs

Found 3rd Jan 2015
Looking for a backup and network storage option for my home PC and laptops. This looks like a decent deal, around £160 elsewhere.
Includes 2 Hard Drives of 1Tb each, so either 2Tb of storage or use Raid 1 for one to mirror the other and provide a backup of your backup!

This deal has now expired
- manlikeronald
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seems a good deal, personally I'd sell the 1tb drives and invest in some 3 or 4tb ones.
could this be used as a plex server?
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1080p? Would you recommend it?
Isn't the CPU too weedy in this to do any transcoding? Also, don't see it on Plex's NAS compatibility chart....

Very hot for a more basic NAS though IMO.
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Tempting but can't find any properties reviews. Some customers on Amazon are reporting glacial transfer rates, which I find rather off putting tbh.

"if it seems too good to be true... "
good find op, heat added
I've got a buffalo linkstation the firmware is poorly tested to say the least. It can't format many external usb drives and there are problems deleting files plus other issues. Kept telling me my firmware was upto date only for me to manually check and find I was about 4 firmwares behind. Lots of little issues like that. I wouldn't recommend them for that reason but I've learned to work around my issues with it.
I've had a Linkstation for ages. It has it's foibles, updating the firmware using the UI and not manually can brick it, and it sometimes slows down to a crawl when downloading and needs a reboot, and yes transfer rates are bad (you would need several days to copy 1TB to it). It was however cheap, and can stream 720p fine. You'll need something better IMO if you wan't to stream 1080p without headaches, but for basic file sharing stuff it's fine .. if finicky.
Hi all can I create VM on this network storage?

Hi all can I create VM on this network storage?

I would say that as storage it would be too slow, you can create luns and offer it up to a VM though i would have thought
2tb might be a bit to small for all the HD movies that I have though it might make a decent music server streamer.
Can people recommend something better after a 2 drive raid device.
I'm looking for cheap shared storage to use on my 2 ESX servers, would this suffice. Thanks in advance.

Can people recommend something better after a 2 drive raid device.

This is a 2 drive raid device. Depends how much you want to spend!
if you can afford it. Synology - its the dogs
Get a Synology device instead. Seriously far better device than Buffalo or any other NAS. Definitely worth the extra. Come across several different ones with work and a no brainer
Had nothing but failing units from Buffalo, usually just outside warranty period. So be cautious
My anger is so great I logged on just to say this, DONT buy this piece of crap, while its ok as a media sever, the software is terrible you can only you use this while at home, since the remote access software is awful..useable, also the bittorrent client sucks, also the Buffalo's support is the worse ever, they will even lie to get out of accepting faults. I should also its impossible to modify it or add any decent software like plex. biggest waste of money I ever spent
Horses for courses. I have mine set up for network storage at home and backup of my PCs and Macbook and it's ace for that. I don't have any need to access online, so I haven't tried it. It's £100 - manage your expectations!
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