Buffalo LinkStation Live 2.0Tb DLNA Certified MultiMedia Network Storage with BitTorrent - £114.99 @ Amazon

Buffalo LinkStation Live 2.0Tb DLNA Certified MultiMedia Network Storage with BitTorrent - £114.99 @ Amazon

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Had this in my basket because of eSimple's deal, Got hot at 116.16 now dropped abit so thought id repost. Should i buy it?

Direct link is amazon.co.uk/Buf…T56


yes its a very good deal

Yes you should... I'll PM you my address!

This is a very good price. Heat added!

I've got the 1tb version of this, excellent product!

Please read the reviews on Amazon of this. I bought it and have had some issues. The transfer speeds are very poor, for instance, and it's pretty noisy compared to an older Buffalo NAS I have.

It might be "hot" relative to its previous advertised prices, but performance is the reason one buys these things. Mine has worked ok since I got it going, but I'm edgy about it lasting...

Positive: It's small, it looks ok, it comes with its own flat CAT-5 cable.

I've got the 1TB version of this, a great piece of kit for streaming videos to your xbox.

The price is hot but for me its a terrible product. I have a MAC and trying to sync it with that and time machine was a nightmare. After 9 hours i gave up, that is after phoning Buffalo's and i use the term very loosely "customer support" which is very patronizing. Never tried it with PC and im sure it does work ok but in the words of Duncan Bannatyne "IM OOT".

Oh and further to my last...for any MAC user it says time machine compatable but its not, you cant even update the software from a MAC, you have to use a PC or laptop. WTF? even though its MAc compatable?

I have read about bad reviews for this drive as well.. I think it would be better to go for the Comet deal for the WD My Book World Edition - 2TB drive for £105

Hot from me I have the 500 gb linkstation pro with custom firmware happily downloading lots of torrents. Cracking product, not it' s fault Apple fans can't deal with it's complexity!

Are either of these (this one or WD My Book World Edition ) suitable for squeezebox?


Will the halfwit above please refer to about 500 other posts where similar persons have been rightly chastised for comparing two non-identical products and snorting at reviews. If you read above, you'll notice that I mention I also have a similar Buffalo product and am likewise happy with it; additionally it's also running nicely with custom firmware. That does not impact in any way on my own, or others, reviews and opinions on this particular product, which is totally different. If you're not talking about this SKU, or people on the thread are not specifically targeting the manufacturer, you're wasting our time.

Chastising Apple fanboys (the poor deluded fools, I concur) is equally pointless - incompatibility of two products despite the manufacturer's claims to the contrary does not make the end user a dimwit. There are plenty of reviews stating problems with the firmware, compatibility, data transfer speeds, etc etc.

Let's leave it there. I only brought up the negative reviews because I myself dived in on an offer without properly researching it, and I'm now in possession of a relatively expensive piece of kit which I'm unsure of long-term because of my foolishness. I was just giving a heads up, which I think is the polite thing to do.

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Typical, I've just spent £190 on a Netgear ReadyNas Duo. I've had a buffalo Linkstation Live 500GB for about 4 years. It's never gone wrong although it's a tad noisy and write speeds are appalling.

As to people moaning that peripherals don't work with your Macs, that's the downside of owning a Mac. It never crashes as long as you only run stuff that Steve Jobs has personally written and gift-wrapped. It's the same reason why a skateboard is more reliable than a Bugatti Veyron

i want steves new centipad

When using over wireless it is around 3mb/sec When over wired RJ45 then it is around 10 and has archieved 12mb/sec.

Hopefully this explain what is mean by slow and what is mean by fast.

For me I think it is good enough for the stuff I need!

Looking at the number of 1-star reviews on Amazon, this can't be a good product. Not if you value your data. For a few £££ more you can get a Dlink DNS 323 2-bay RAID enclosure (£65 delivered) and a 2TB WD green drive (£57 delivered).
I got this when they were £50 on ebuyer and have been very happy with it so far.

I got this and paired it via its USB connection with the 2TB Buffalo external HDD that's also a hot deal at the moments. One's acting as a back-up of the other.

The NAS is fairly slow to write to, but other than that I couldn't fault it as it does the job of streaming and acting as a data hub very well.

Heat from me

Someone has reviewed this and said they are running squeezebox server on it ok.

Anyone know what the actual HDDs manufacturer is?
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