Buffalo Trace Bourbon 70 cl, £18.00 (Prime) £22.75 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon 70 cl, £18.00 (Prime) £22.75 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 25th Oct 2015
Nice bourbon at lowest price from amazon, cheers:)

Flagship bourbon from the most awarded distillery in the world
• Hand-crafted using the finest Kentucky and Indiana corn, selected rye, and superior malted barley.
• Aged in new oak barrels for at least 8 years
• Each barrel is tasted by the Master Distiller to ensure consistency and exceptional quality
• 2014 Double Gold Medal - New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.
• 2015 Silver Outstanding Medal Winner - International Wine & Spirits Competition
• IWSC Awards Tasting Note: Complex nose where corn, citrus and oak all play a part. Soft entry into the mouth with beautiful mouth feel. Creamy flow with toffee flavours and surge of honey all in sweet harmony. Great balance and texture. Long finish. A delight.
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My fav...cheers op..ordered
Ordered 2. Never tried it! Reviews are excellent. Sounds just perfect.
Great stuff.
Same price in Asda if you have one nearby and just want to pick it up.
amazon's price periodically shifts from 20 to 18 and back again, so this is nothing new - but a very good bourbon.
They send the used barrels to penderyn distillery to make whisky. Don't like it myself but good deal
Awesome thanks! Need something to use in-between the Wooford Reserve, this is a great cheap bourbon that still has an excellent taste. Works very well for old fashioned's.

In response to rowlys comment above, a lot of bourbon barrels are used to make whiskys. A real bourbon is ALWAYS made in a new barrel, and as barrels are so expensive (around $110-120) a lot of scotch distilleries will gladly buy them I believe Makers mark (one of my favourites) send their barrels to Laphroaig distillery.
Bourbon, by law, must be aged in a brand-new, charred white oak barrel to be called straight bourbon whiskey. That means, a barrel can only be used once for bourbon. Where do they go after that? They get shipped to Mexico for aging tequila, Scotland for aging Scotch or elsewhere to store all kinds of things, including coffee, tobacco, beer and maple syrup.
Same price in Asda
"Sorry, we can't deliver this item to UK - Northern Ireland"
Buffalo "Trace"?
I won't even try it if it tastes of that!oO
Great deal - again, this can be found in supermarkets at this price from time to time, but if Amazon will deliver it to my door who am I to argue.

Absolutely the best bourbon at this price range, no question. Great to drink neat, on the rocks or mixed.
£20 in Tesco. Good stuff, much nicer than the swill in the black bottle. ;-)
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