Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70cl £16 at Morrisons

Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70cl £16 at Morrisons

Found 26th Sep 2016
Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70cl reduced from £20 to £16 in Morrisons.

I noticed this in my local Morrisons supermarket tonight. I've not seen Buffalo Trace bourbon this cheap before, the offer price is usually around the £18 mark (Amazon/Waitrose).

Something a bit different to the usual Jim Beam & Jack Daniels offers. I think it's worth a try for £16.
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Hot price. My go to Bourbon and nice with coke or straight leaving the good stuff for special occasions. Also sure I saw the 8 year aged is stopping due to demand, [i]might be wrong [i]. I'll be buying a couple of bottles tomorrow
Thanks Op - worth a try at £16
Not at my local Morrisons,only online with some
Great price as up to £23 in Tesco
Great price as up to £23 at Tesco
£18 at Cheadle
Great whiskey at a great price.
Best Bourbon out there for the money!
Gone back up to £20 in my local, was priced at £16 yesterday tea time, by 8 o'clock the price was back up to £20
Order 2 x bottles and 8 £1 Tanglefoot beers to make up the £40 min order then a quid for timed delivery...
Got some of this year year via Amazon, thought it was pretty good stuff. Well worth buying a bottle or two.
2 ordered and 8 chocolat stouts.
Nice whiskey
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still £16 online
I have a stock bottle of this, but compared to other bourbon's out there this just doesn't compare, its a bit harsh. I would save my money and either wait for the JD deals to start for Xmas or treat myself to a bottle of Woodford reserve for £25 from Amazon, when you have a bottle of each to choose from you just wouldn't bother with the Buffalo!
This is not in every branch and it is priced at £18 not £16 on there web page but in my local branch they had it at £20 but after asking they reduced it to £18.
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