Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs) - £55.94 del.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs) - £55.94 del.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs) - £55.94 del.

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From its charming and angst-ridden first season to the darker, apocalyptic final one, Buffy the Vampire Slayer succeeds on many levels, and in a fresher and more authentic way than the shows that came before or after it. How lucky, then, that with the release of its boxed set of seasons 1-7, you can have the estimable pleasure of watching a near-decade of Buffy in any order you choose. (And we have some ideas about how that should be done.)
First: rest assured that there's no shame in coming to Buffy late, even if you initially turned your nose up at the winsome Sarah Michelle Gellar kicking the hell out of vampires (in Buffy-lingo, vamps), demons, and other evil-doers. Perhaps you did so because, well, it looked sort of science-fiction-like with all that monster latex. Start with season 3 and see that Buffy offers something for everyone, and the sooner you succumb to it, the quicker you'll appreciate how textured and riveting a drama it is.

Why season 3? Because it offers you a winning cast of characters who have fallen from innocence: their hearts have been broken, their egos trampled in typically vicious high-school style, and as a result, they've begun to realize how fallible they are. As much as they try, there are always more monsters, or a bigger evil. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the core crew remains something of a unit--there's the smart girl, Willow (Alyson Hannigan) who dreams of saving the day by downloading the plans to City Hall's sewer tunnels and mapping a route to safety. There are the ne'r do wells--the vampire Spike (James Marsters), who both clashes with and aspires to love Buffy; the tortured and torturing Angel (David Boreanz); the pretty, popular girl with an empty heart (Charisma Carpenter); and the teenage everyman, Xander (Nicholas Brendon).

Then there's Buffy herself, who in the course of seven seasons morphs from a sarcastic teenager in a minidress to a heroine whose tragic flaw is an abiding desire to be a "normal" girl. On a lesser note, with the boxed set you can watch the fashion transformation of Buffy from mall rat to Prada-wearing, kickboxing diva with enviable highlights. (There was the unfortunate bob of season 2, but it's a forgivable lapse.) At least the storyline merits the transformations: every time Buffy has to end a relationship she cuts her hair, shedding both the pain and her vulnerability.

In addition to the well-wrought teenage emotional landscape, Buffy deftly takes on more universal themes--power, politics, death, morality--as the series matures in seasons 4-6. And apart from a few missteps that haven't aged particularly well ("I Robot" in season 1 comes to mind), most episodes feel as harrowing and as richly drawn as they did at first viewing. That's about as much as you can ask for any form of entertainment: that it offer an escape from the viewer's workaday world and entry into one in which the heroine (ideally one with leather pants) overcomes demons far more troubling than one's own

Bonus Disc: **Introduction by Joss Whedon **Back to the Hellmouth: A Conversation with Creators and Cast **Breaking Barriers: It's Not a Chick Fight Thing **Love Bites: Relationships in the Buffyverse **Evil Fiends **Buffy: An Unlikely Role Model **Buffy Cast and Crew: Favorite Episodes

Box set is USD 99.99 + GBP 3.50 shipping = total GBP 55.94 (approx.)


Cold i got this from amazon UK for 49.99 all UK copies etc. also saw them cheaper on ebay etc sorry.

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Cold i got this from amazon UK for 49.99 all UK copies etc. also saw them … Cold i got this from amazon UK for 49.99 all UK copies etc. also saw them cheaper on ebay etc sorry.

You need to compare like for like, this is a 40 disc boxset, the Amazon UK one is 39 discs, no collectors edition, different contents and currently £69.97 delivered

For what you get this is a complete bargain... there are smaller versions on the market tho... I think this is hot!

3.50 postage, from USA, are you sure? that's cheap isn't it, I would have thought because of the weight it would be much more expensive to UK.

If it's £55.94 including delivery then you will have to pay:

Duty @ 3.5% = £57.90

Then VAT on this @ 17.5% = £68.03

Plus you may have an admin fee on top of this, which is most likely to be Parcelforce (£8.00), if it's a different company then it will be more than this.

So you are most likely looking at this costing between £68 and £76 in total.

Great Price, run the risk of Customs, i did this a few months ago at this price and got away with it.
(It came in a Tattie Sack)
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