Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 £7.99 @ play.com

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 £7.99 @ play.com

Found 4th Jun 2008Made hot 4th Jun 2008
As far as i can work out this has not been poster before and does seem to be the whole series, if it is i think is a good price (if only the rest where that price)

* Audio commentaries from creator Joss Whedon
* Interview with creator Joss Whedon and actor David Boreanaz
* 'I Quit' music video
* Pilot script
* Photo galleries
* Cast biographies


mmmmmmmmmmmm ...... buffy!!!


Ha ha that's exactly the same thing I was thinking too myself.

Buffy rules! :thumbsup:

Well the other seasons are only £9.99 and twice as long so no excuses not to buy.

Great price! 4% Quidco, not the best but better than nowt

*grumble* *grumble* I remember paying £34.99 for this when it was first released, even that was well below the high street r.r.p!

I still remember the hock and shorror of the £75 price tag I saw on the following seasons back in the day
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