Bugs - The Complete Series [13 DVD Set] DVD £10.75 delivered using code DBDAY10 @ The Hut
Bugs - The Complete Series [13 DVD Set] DVD £10.75 delivered using code DBDAY10 @ The Hut

Bugs - The Complete Series [13 DVD Set] DVD £10.75 delivered using code DBDAY10 @ The Hut

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What?! More Bugs lol! These Bugs are here to stay on this fantastic 13 dvd set, unlike the HUKD ones (honest!).
The entire four series of Bugs spread over 13 discs!

Series 1
Helicopter pilot Ed, en route with a government agent and a highly sensitive package, realises that his passenger and cargo may be very valuable when he is engaged in a deadly aerial dogfight with another helicopter. Ed shoots his aggressor down and later discovers that the package is a revolutionary satellite-jamming device - SACROS - developed by the government at their intelligence base, The Hive. The adventure is only just beginning...
Episodes comprise: Out of the Hive / Assassins / All Under Control / Down Among The Deadman / Shotgun Wedding / Stealth / Manna From Heaven / Hot Metal / A Sporting Chance / Pulse.

Series 2
Follow the intrepid adventures of Ed, Ros and Beckett as they track down hi-tech saboteurs and ruthless assassins.
Episodes comprise: What Goes Up, ...Must Come Down / Bugged Wheat / Whirling Dervish / Black Out / Gold Rush / Schrodinger's Bomb / Newton's Run / The Bureau Of Weapons / A Cage For Satan.

Series 3
Ed (Craig McLachlan) is a helicopter pilot, daredevil climber and a martial arts expert. Ros (Jaye Griffiths) is as at home behind the wheel of a skidding car in a high speed chase as in front of a computer screen and Beckett(Jesse Birdsall) is always risking his life; imprisoned in a flooded submarine, defeating high tech defence systems and defusing time bombs with seconds on the clock.

Episodes: Blaze Of Glory / The Revenge Effect / The Price Of Peace / Hollow Man / Nuclear Family / Fugitive / Happy Ever After / Buried Treasure / Identity Crisis / Renegades.

Series 4
First broadcast on BBC1 in 1998, Bugs 4 is the final instalment in the seemingly never-ending exploits of Ed (Steven Houghton), who takes over the role from Craig McLachlan, Ros (Jaye Griffiths) and Nick Beckett (Jesse Birdsall), who use high-tech devices to track down callous assassins, ruthless organisations and brutal villians.

Episodes: Absent Friends / Sacrifice To Science / Girl Power / The Two Becketts / Hell And High Water / Pandora's Box / Jewel Control / Twin Geeks / Money Spiders / The Enemy Within
More Details

* Jaye Griffiths,
* Jesse Birdsall,
* Craig McLachlan


* Sandy Johnson


* Region 0

Aspect Ratio:

* Full Frame\16:9

Sound Information:

* Dolby Digital Stereo

Number of Discs:

* 13

Main Language:

* English

Dubbing Languages:

* Dolby Digital Stereo English


More than anything, I remember the theme tune from when I was a kid.

Ordered and heat added thanks


and Jaye Griffiths, well she was on a BT add.

And the Bill. She was also in the McDonalds near Charing Cross when I was in there once too. Very pretty woman.

heat added

Best series ever. With Crime Traveller second :P

Even if every second of the "techy" stuff was complete twaddle.


Not sure about "best series ever", but defintely well done and very watchable. Thanks!

Not sure about BT but certainly Griffiths was in a Mercury One 2 One ad: youtube.com/wat…-5I

Man is it awful.

I'm pretty sure she was on the original promo loop on Sky Digital before the Interactive services went live. Anyho, ordered and heat added....i think

Never seen it but at a tenner its worth a punt .. ordered !
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