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Bosch oven and ceramic hob £334.80 plus £27.50 delivery at builderdepot
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
Bosch oven and ceramic hob £334.80 plus £27.50 delivery at builderdepot
Saw this on the builder depot site. First time posting, - hope I've done it right
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For the gas fans, I should say I was brought up on gas; I didnt get to use an electric hob until I was in my mid 30's in a rural cottage with no gas. It was quite a shock how awful electric hobs are!! I got to use induction in China; as above - a single ring portable of about 2KW; it was so much faster (and safer) than gas (especially the Chinese gas burners!!), that when I came back to the UK 6 months later, the first thing I did was rip out my electric hob and replace it with an induction hob, then try to persuade my boss at work to rip out the gas hobs and replace them with induction. I even took in my 2KW portable, to show her how much faster it was; it was 3 times as fast at heating a 2 gallon pot of water than the huge commercial gas ring, and without all the wasted heat turning the kitchen into a sauna. (10 minutes v 35 minutes)


Thanks, my experience has been similarly inconsistent i have tried a few pans and like you say some don't get hot enough, we have some expensive copper bottomed ones that were superb on the old halogen hob. Will try some more like you suggested.


You have to buy the right pans; if it is aluminium with a ring of (very thin), steel bolted to the bottom, it isnt good enough; they dont heat well and use far too much power for little effect.* Lidl/Aldi do some great stainless steel pans and pressure cookers that work very well, and Pro Cook do a range of good (but expensive), pans as well. The biggest issue with induction is betting a decent non stick frying pan; Lidl/Aldi "Pro" non stick, and the latest Ikea woks have the best I have come across so far. * I bought several, as the Pro cook fryer couldnt handle our over-powered induction hob - the non stick just peeled off after a month of use. The alu with steel fryers took full power just to get hot enough to gently fry anything; with my older, "bare" solid stainless steel fryer from Lidl, I only needed 30-40% for the same heat (but it weighs a tonne and SWMBO doesnt like it). Lidl do a non-stick alu with steel ring fryer that isnt too bad, the steel ring is several mm thick, but it still uses twice the power of the solid fryer, and the heat isnt even.


I have a similar Bosch oven which I got following a deal posted on here a few years ago. Very well built and highly recommended.


I use approx £12 ceramic 28" frying pans from Amazon, they work fantastically - easy to clean too. Also have a ceramic wok too.

Dewalt D26441-LX 1/4 110V Palm Sander £47.99 free delivery @
Found 7th Jan 2017Found 7th Jan 2017
Dewalt D26441-LX 1/4 110V Palm Sander £47.99 free delivery @
The Dewalt D26441-LX 1/4 Palm Sander offers professional quality sanding abilities. Featuring practical everyday feature, this industrial sander also offers high performance with e… Read more





Any idea where you can get a cheap transformer?


£49.00 at Folkestone Fixings. Still a good price. Hot


This is a palm sander for specific jobs. Try getting into some corners with an orbital or belt sander.

Class B Brick - Get them before Trump buys them all! - 29p each + £48 Delivery @ Builder Depot
Found 9th Nov 2016Found 9th Nov 2016
Class B Brick - Get them before Trump buys them all! - 29p each + £48 Delivery @ Builder Depot
Class B House Brick. Great for building large walls to keep the neighbours away! Buy them now before Trump buys them all. Please note £48 postage charge. Only available within … Read more

Maybe I could have quoted the "Get them before Trump buys them all" But how many times has someone heard a joke and repeated without going "Oh by the way, I must say, I didn't think of was so and so" The majority of people's daily humour is not original. Unfortunately the other deal had expired. Also the ones I found were only 29p and not 72p So a much better price. (Though I can't comment on the quality of the brick.....the postage puts me off ha) get my coat's getting cold in here :0)


Is that £48 delivery charge per brick?? . . . OK, JOKE ALERT !!



​Hence my comment that jazz took exception to!


Yes I thought I'd seen this foolishness before

Grohe Bauloop Single-Lever Sink Mixer 1/2'' £61.98 @ Builder Depot
Found 23rd Oct 2016Found 23rd Oct 2016
Grohe Bauloop Single-Lever Sink Mixer 1/2'' £61.98 @ Builder Depot
Good price for the sink mixer, cheaper as compare to everywhere else. The price includes VAT and delivery.

I have just fitted this tab in our kitchen and fitters were happy. We have not seen any problems in last month and half. Great value tap


Beware.. I bought this tap thinking my hot water pressure was fine (never had any problems with it), but once installed the hot water just trickles out.. The non-uk fittings are too small for my hot water pressure.


Thank you! It is £56 now...


I've bought the very similar looking "Grohe Bauedge Single Lever Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap" - any idea how to limit the swivel motion? It is meant to be 140° but swings all the way around - I rather limit to 140° if possible, to stop it going outside the sink.


Sorry, didn't notice that, was too excited to find a better price :-)

HiB Ember LED bathroom cabinet - £388.67 delivered @ Builder depot
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
HiB Ember LED bathroom cabinet - £388.67 delivered @ Builder depot
Doing up my bathroom and this mirror cabinet met my requirements ... arrived this week :) Cheapest I could find so hope this helps someone. Key Features Low energy LED illuminat… Read more
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​I can't find the purchase info as it was so long ago. It was a company called pebble grey I believe. I did a quick search on ebay for pebble grey just now and there's a few of their products on there. Couldn't see the style I bought but it was literally a quick look. Hope that helps.


Dear Andy Please could you send me the details of the mirror purchased on ebay for £190. Thank you


​It was about 6 months ago. I'll try and find the name of the ebay store and get back to you.


Do you have a link for the eBay one please?


If that is the new bathroom,I don't think I would have put the cabinet there,to close to the tap be full of splashes of water and toothpaste