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Bulk 1kg Crunchy Peanut Butter - £3.99 / £3.59 with Suscribe & Save at Amazon

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Great price. Good peanut butter with no added sugar

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Great find OP!

This might be eligible for FREE Click and Collect without a minimum order subject to availability. Details

Product Description
Available in both crunchy and smooth varieties, Bulk Peanut Butter is entirely natural, containing nothing but great-tasting, whole roasted peanuts. It is a staple of the Bulk Active Foods range, providing an excellent source of protein whilst avoiding added salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives. A great addition to anyone looking to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, whilst also an ideal addition to any mass gain programme.

Note: Some separation of this product may occur, leaving a layer of oil on the surface. This is entirely natural and simply stir to remedy.

100% Roasted Whole Peanuts.

Consumption of Active Foods Peanut Butter is self-limiting, so we advise using this product in accordance with your dietary requirements. Note: Some separation of this product may occur, leaving a layer of oil on the surface. This is entirely natural and simply stir to remedy

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  1. Avatar
    Smooth 😔
    Crunchy also just dropped.
  2. Avatar
    Have had this and Aldi's (both crunchy) and I actually prefer Aldi's.
    Aldi would be the same price yh?
  3. Avatar
    Got it for £2.79
    Oh wow how
  4. Avatar
    Isn't Aldi same price tho?
  5. Avatar
    £2.70 for me too! Ordered the crunchy thanks (edited)
  6. Avatar
    I had access to a 20% discount on first order too... 6kg ordered thanks op
  7. Avatar
    Thank you OP!!
  8. Avatar
    Just snagged me some crunchy. Cheers OP.

  9. Avatar
    Got 2 for under 7 quid, thanks OP
  10. Avatar
    not the greatest tasting but cant complain for the price. Not as sweet as the supermarket stuff.
  11. Avatar
    Damn it. I purchased two of these only a matter of days ago (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Cheers got 4 for £13.16, should keep me going for a while
  13. Avatar
    Great find my pip & nut subscription had crept up to nearly £7
    I don't get the point of S&S - I originally thought that with your commitment the price would be locked in, but mine don't so I've cancelled them. I guess it's OK to sign up, get the discount and then cancel..... Still scratching my head why Amazon offer it and why people use it. From my (limited) experience with it, the price continues to creep up on future deliveries
  14. Avatar
    Sublime this stuff, excellent in Satay Chinese curry
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
    Smooth is £5.59 now (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Still got my tub from 2 years ago. Horrible stuff.
  18. Avatar
    £3.59 with S&S for me too
  19. Avatar
    Typical, got a tub half the size (for the same price) from the supermarket earlier this evening (edited)
    Which supermarket?
  20. Avatar
    Need the other version
    crunchy has also dropped to 3.99
  21. Avatar
    Same price at Bulk direct today......so might indicate short dates!? I want to get s&s 4 tins but worried dates will be rubbish
    Ordered some back in Nov at this price. Best before date still had 7 months then so if it's the same again it should be okay. Depends how much you use
  22. Avatar
    Subscribe and save. Do people do this and then can you just cancel afterwards easily? Thanks
    All the time
  23. Avatar
    Same price Aldi, may be different brand.
  24. Avatar
    What's this taste like?
    I had to throw my tub away as really didn’t like the taste of this (and I like 100% peanut butter). Aldi is much better at this price point. Meridian is the best but more expensive.
  25. Avatar
    6% surger, 564kcal per 100g serving. Take at your own risk
    That’s natural peanut butter for you, it’s not added
  26. Avatar
    £2.79 a deal
  27. Avatar
    It's not 3.99 anymore but bought it
  28. Avatar
    Ordered. Prefer the taste of Pip & Nut but this is still great.
  29. Avatar
    I go through 1kg a fortnight love it
  30. Avatar
    Showing as £5.59 for both
  31. Avatar
    Price increased to £5.59.