Bulk Powders Psyllium Husks Powder 1kg @ Amazon - £5.64 S&S

Bulk Powders Psyllium Husks Powder 1kg @ Amazon - £5.64 S&S

Found 10th Sep 2016
I had a camelcamelcamel alert today that the Amazon price of Bulk Powders' 1kg bag of psyllium husks powder had dropped from £12+ to £5.94, making it cheaper than the 500g bag.

It's an excellent source of fibre that can be shaken up wth juice, etc.


Oddly, I've tried this, there a amazon and / or eBay seller called just ingredients, a tad pricier, but the, erm, digestive system benefits are far better from that brand, not very pressed swith this one for that. #pooplikeachampion

Honestly has anyone tried this? What's the taste like? As I've tried some fibre supplements before and they are difficult to take down

Thank you
Will give it a go for that price

It's very fine and powdery, I used to 'parachute' it. Works great for cleaning out the pipes thou!

The bulk powder does mix better than the one I mentioned, but fiber wise seems far less effective on my system at least!
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