Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey £14.18 in store @ Tesco

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey £14.18 in store @ Tesco

Found 12th Oct 2015
This was in the Tesco Extra in Holywood NI. I'm guessing this is another of those wild goose chases but I managed to get 2 bottles and there are still some on the shelf. Also Smirnoff Gold for £11.45 which I thought was a good deal.

In store / offline deal only - See link for more info
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I also saw this bourbon, and the Smirnoff Gold, in a smaller Tesco store in Liverpool city centre yesterday. They are out there, but not in all stores
Very good,heat.I got some single malts half price but prefer Bourbon,good find.
£27.00 ONLINE so unlikely to be available in many places. Good luck finding!
not available in my local tesco extra , got them to scan it came up at £27
picked up a bottle of jim bean honey for a tenner at my local, loads more on t'shelf, and several other whiskeys and malts also half price. worth having a look, the deals are out there...
Cracking deal
Wild Turkey chase...

.. anyone?
Pick up bottle of Hendricks for a tenner.... Can't complain
£27 at Goodmayes , London, but Isle of Jura Origin and Supernatural are reduced to £25

Wild Turkey chase..... anyone?

Yep, I get it

Yep, I get it

Yea you could have wild turkey as a chaser
Full price in Longton
Seen this deal at the Forest Gate and South Woodford Tesco Express
Four Roses, Knob Creek 50% reduction. Grab if you can find one
I just bought four bottles from tesco express Huntingdon - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!
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