Bullet storm fallout nba Xbox one £2.50 Asda

Bullet storm fallout nba Xbox one £2.50 Asda

LocalFound 15th Jan 2018
More Asda reductions. Bullet storm, fallout4 nba2k16 Xbox one £2.50
Recore £5
Few others at ok prices
Dead alliance £12
Mandatory £5 deus ex.
Asda Handsworth Sheffield.


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Recore is very good value.
Blackburn Asda sucks no offers apart from fatansia on Xbox 360 £2
Cerci0914 m ago

Blackburn Asda sucks no offers apart from fatansia on Xbox 360 £2

u are absolutely right pal never anything on
juicedtothegills16th Jan 2018

Recore is very good value.

Yeah, it's a great game and the recent release of the Definitive Edition, which is a free patch (although it also got a retail release, which I assume is prepatched), has made the pre-owned value increase, so brand new for £5 is excellent, as is £2.50 for Bulletstorm.
Could never get in to recore but a fiver is an excellent price. £2.50 for Fallout 4 is crazy value for money as its about 100+ hours of content on its own without expansions. I also really enjoyed Bulletstorm and its a very fun romp for the price!
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Shame my store never has these offers. Bullet storm is fantastic, for £6 it's still a great deal, let alone £2.50
"Bullet storm fallout nba Xbox one £2.50"
Am I the only one who was expecting some kind of FPS Adventure Basketball game?
If someone is lucky enough, grab me a copy of Bulletstorm please!
mint game bulletstorm hope my asda got it
Good prices, pity so many up here seem so crappy usually until you get super lucky like Splatoon 2 for £7 about a month back. (Got the only copy so didn't post.)

I was in an Asda fairly near me though and noticed something a bit odd. They only had a few reduced stickered games which were all behind the till at the entertainment bit in a wee plastic tray/basket and I overheard a couple of staff saying to each other to not put them out on the shelf and basically hide them under the desk.

I had managed to grab a couple of the only good offers* thankfully before they came over but as someone else rang it up one of the ones saying to not put them out was getting a bit iffy with me keeping asking if they were out on the shelf and seeming quite annoyed that someone had bought them (despite me not even taking the only copies, there were more left). Glad I had paid by the end of this and could make an exit.

*Wipeout on PS4 for £7.50, The Last of Us PS3 season pass for 25p and Mario Party 10 for £15.
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