Bulletproof Monk....99p @ Choices UK
Bulletproof Monk....99p @ Choices UK

Bulletproof Monk....99p @ Choices UK

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Saw this when i went to buy superbad .....

Special effects-laden martial arts action comedy starring Chow Yun-Fat as a mysterious, nameless monk who, sixty years earlier, was appointed the guardian of an ancient scroll that grants unlimited power to its possessor. After travelling across the world for more than half a century to protect the scroll, the monk is looking for someone new to take on the responsibility, and he is convinced that Kar (Seann William Scott), a self-absorbed street kid from San Francisco, is the man he's looking for. But as the monk begins to train Kar in the roles and responsibilities of being the new scrollkeeper, the pair find out they have a rival, who just happens to be a kung fu master - can they ever defeat him?


One of the worst films ever made.

At this price, if I were Chow Yun Fat, i'd buy every copy and try my best to deny the existence of this film.

Hot for 99p I'd say.

Didn't find the film THAT bad...was nowhere near great either though. I was finding myself waiting for the goofy Sean William Scott to make me laugh as he just has one of those faces...doesn't suit a serious role.


Awful awful film, rented it many years ago, the dvd stopped working half way into it.... didnt even bother to get our money back..

If this was free with the sunday times... it still wouldnt be hot

no know the amazing sir funk-a-lot at the start of the movie this or the kings speech hmmm i know what one im watching oO

The only film of his that's made me want his character to die.

This was on TV the other night - fairly silly, but passable if you want something mindless on in the background. (With the possible exception of the Mr Funktastic character...) I'd say it's worth 99p if you're not expecting too much!

Not gonna win any oscars but was alright for a bit of entertainment Worth it for 99p

I actually liked sean william scotts quote in it "it doesnt matter what u do, what u see or how much u achieve, u ll never feel like its enough"....or something like that....kinda true

better than hurt locker

Ordered with a couple of other cheap items for the free postage.

Minimum order value now £2.50 at my checkout.

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