BulletStorm Epic: Limited Editon (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £28.25 - (PC) - £17.64 @ Gamestop Ireland
BulletStorm Epic: Limited Editon (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £28.25 - (PC) - £17.64 @ Gamestop Ireland

BulletStorm Epic: Limited Editon (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £28.25 - (PC) - £17.64 @ Gamestop Ireland

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AFAIK cheapest availiable.

The Epic Edition gives players bonus in-game Bulletstorm content when playing online, including 25,000 experience points, visual upgrades for their iconic leash, deadly Peace Maker Carbine, boots and armor. The Epic Edition also allows players to have early access to the Gears of War 3 beta.

The Limited Editon gives: Bonus in-game Bulletstorm content: 25,000 Experience Points Visual Upgrades (repaints, skins) for the Peace Maker Carbine, leash, boots and armor

Incredible New "Skillshot" System: Combine outrageous gunplay with Bulletstorm's unique kick, slide and leash mechanics as you Kill with Skill. Every enemy presents a new opportunity for stylish, over-the-top and ever increasingly bloody ways to take them down
The Circle of Awesome: Kill with skill to rack up the points. Cash in these points for upgrades. Use these upgrades to pull off even bigger and better "skillshots" and earn even more points... Bulletstorm's upgrade system truly is a circle of awesome that rewards players who kill in the most creative ways
Badass Weaponry: From your trusty Peace Maker Carbine to the explosive Flail Gun, Bulletstorm delivers an arsenal of the most inventive, death-dealing weapons ever seen that truly put the fun back into the First Person Shooter
A Pulp Sci-Fi Adventure: Featuring a script by the acclaimed Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender (The Punisher), Bulletstorm takes you on a journey filled with plot twists and turns from betrayal to revenge and ultimately redemption
A Dangerous Planet of Forgotten Paradise: Travel from scorched deserts to tropical forests and an adult playground resort on a beautifully realized paradise defiled, delivered by the power of the Unreal Engine


Set in a futuristic utopia, an elite peacekeeping force thwarts the rumblings of civil war. But deception within the ranks has caused two members of the most feared unit, Dead Echo, to strike out on their own.

Now washed-up mercenaries turned space pirates, Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato's latest quest for a quick buck goes south. Stumbling upon their ex-commander's warship, the Ulysses, Grayson engages this behemoth head-on. Outmanned and outgunned, his only option is to ram the Ulysses in a suicidal bid at redemption.

Narrowly surviving a crash landing and now stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia, Grayson and Ishi find themselves surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh-eating gangs. They survive on two objectives: get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent them there.

Taking the role of Grayson Hunt, wield over-the-top combat moves and some of the most uniquely innovative weapons ever seen in a first person shooter that all feed into Bulletstorm's distinct 'skillshot' system for unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay. Unleash the Bulletstorm!


hope it goes through for the pc

Good price with the Gears 3 Beta just around the corner

Gonna wait a couple of weeks til the early access beta starts and buy this cheap pre owned. I only bought the epic edition for the code anyway, as this game is a scripted pile of linear duke nukem wannabe garbage.

very good price for PC, better quality (gfx) on pc too.. really fun game, go on try it out..

(for the fan bois, I got a PS3 & an Xbox360 too)

Delivery after 15th April in the small print...

Wow...what the hell? I preordered this game and didn't even get the epic edition... pretty much making it pointless cus the game was such a disappointment.

what are they like for posting items will it arrive this year ?? anyone used them ?

got to say as well dead space 2 right good as well like me shoot em ups though

lol am I the only person who likes this?

E34.99 for PC for me looks like

how the hell do you get for under 18 quid?



lol am I the only person who likes this?

ur not alone

No delivery for at least 2 weeks guys!!!!!

Only worth a rent unless ur a massive gears fan.

lucky i guess lol
its back down in price again get it

Original Poster


E34.99 for PC for me looks likehow the hell do you get for under 18 … E34.99 for PC for me looks likehow the hell do you get for under 18 quid?cheers


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yeah it seems the price went up and then came down again.


voted hot btw even though i am still undecided (ordered shift2 and lost planet 2 in last 3 days and have limited time)


ur not alone

I too am in the oddly select group of people who think Bulletstorm is fantastic.
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