Bulletstorm - PS3 / XBOX 360 **NEW** Game £4.39 @ Blockbuster

Bulletstorm - PS3 / XBOX 360 **NEW** Game £4.39 @ Blockbuster

Found 13th May 2013
Bulletstorm for the PS3 and XBox 360 for just £4.39 delivered... NEW!!!

Amazing price for a fun game, delivered to your door!

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it is a fun game
there are some very funny one liners i can not repeat on hukd
Win Win

Great Game Great Price
Ordered, thanks :-)
Great game ordered, thanks.
brilliant price, would have bought this in a heartbeat if I didn't already have it on ps+
Loads of fun, got it on PS+ for free a while back. Well worth the money though.
Wow! For a new copy this is a brilliant deal.

Have some heat.
This game soooooo needs a sequel
Great game great price!
Trailer looks good. Worth a punt for this price.
Click and collect only on xbox
Ordered, have some heat
Ordered. Hot Deal for a Top Steal
Brilliant game, superb price. Ordered. Heat added. Thanks OP.
It's ok, quite repetitive though. Got it free off PS+ so this is cold for me.
NEW ??????????????

Lmfao - Blockbuster will send you whatever crap they have lying around, usually damaged and very rarely new.

See here more more info: hotukdeals.com/dea…e=4
Unfortunately, Home Delivery is not available for all the items in your basket, please use Click & Collect.

Currently unavailable, please use Home Delivery
Ordered this for home delivery and order accepted. 2 days later get an email saying that due to stock levels they are unable to fulfil my order. Grrrrrrrrr
Mine came today, Obviously not new, Disc was still in the wallet they put them in witht he instructions, sticker on front saying "Preowned £8"
Mine came today and is also used, says so on the invoice! It clearly said NEW when I bought it, I double checked! I am absolutely fuming, not only do I feel the game isn't worth £4 used, it also has an online pass which is almost certainly used! What shall I do, this would appear to be a clear case of miss selling!?

Scrap that, the invoice doesn't say used, I must of been seeing things; still it remains that the game is used, and I'm angry!

I called Blockbuster and they said I can post it back, but that 'stock is pending' on it; obviously it's unlikely that they'll get more stock of a game thats over 2 years old! I asked them if they'd be prepaid to offer a significant partial refund. The CS rep couldn't get ahold of her manger; I'm now awaiting a callback! This is, I've discovered the online pass costs 800 ms point (basically £7), is it possible to check the code without using it, to see if it's used?

Update 2:

Checked code, it was still valid; therefore I accepted the pretty derisory £1.50 refund they called back to offer! If your code doesn't work, I'd advise that this is a BAD offer, as like I stated, the online pass cost at least £7/800 points!

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NEW ??????????????Lmfao - Blockbuster will send you whatever crap they … NEW ??????????????Lmfao - Blockbuster will send you whatever crap they have lying around, usually damaged and very rarely new.See here more more info: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/4-blu-rays-for-15-delivered-blockbuster-1547576?page=4

Looks like you were right; this behaviour is disgusting, it's deliberate, and not an isolated mistake!
Mine arrived today, brand new sealed

Looks like i got lucky with this
It's true, they do post out used discs selling as new. I bought vanquish new but came unsealed with clear signs of use. It was cheap so not hugely bothered, however from now I would only buy from blockbuster if the selling price is worth it Pre-owned because that is what I will be expecting regardless of condition advertised.
fun game got off ps+ a while back. Good price for this
Good price for a game rated as 83 on metacritic (ps3)
The online pass is free now on Xbox Live for anybody who is unfortunate enough to get a used copy. Good game and worth playing if you haven't already
Have to agree, the game is fun and entertaining at first but becomes ridiculously repetitive by the end
Voting hot but if I get a used copy i'm calling customer service - they are pretty much committing fraud if they ship used when you buy new.
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