Bulletstorm (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £29.98 *Instore* @ Game & Gamestation

Bulletstorm (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £29.98 *Instore* @ Game & Gamestation

Found 7th Apr 2011
Part of the spring sale in both stores (looks from the marketing material to be a nationwide job) seemed to be the one title to jump out at me, at least as this is the best prices I've seen on the high street. Aside from the Gamestop Ireland deal it also seems to best most online price at the moment (amazon are sure to match).

Note: it appeared to be the standard edition, not the Epic one. Should also mention were new copies not preowned, just to avoid confusion.

Sorry no picture, didn't even sink in that it was that a good a deal until I got home and checked the online prices. Personally not a low enough price to tempt me, waiting on a £17.99 at Play/Amazon job, but those with games to trade or vouchers might want this one.



epic edition only £29.99 … epic edition only £29.99 [url=http://www.gamestop.ie/39555_Xbox_360_Bulletstorm_Epic_Edition_Easter_promo_.aspx]http://www.gamestop.ie/39555_Xbox_360_Bulletstorm_Epic_Edition_Easter_promo_.aspx[/url]

Plus 2 euros shipping

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If anyone does pick up a copy, or go into one of these stores, mind taking a picture of the price tag/receipt? Would help a newbie out

still better value and its online

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To be fair, according to my currency converter 31.97 Euros = £28.01, so cheaper and not a vanilla edition.

But, as I said in the deal post, those with vouchers/points/games (and a pressing need to have it now) may want this deal. Not really a reason for heat, but something for those who want it.

This is the Epic Edition in Game for £29.98, hot from me.
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