Bullseye DVD Game DVD £2.43 @ The Hut

Bullseye DVD Game DVD £2.43 @ The Hut

Found 18th Oct 2009
You can't beat a bit of 'Bully'

Step up to the oche...

Will you be the dart player using your remote control, or will you be answering the questions in this DVD game based on television's classic darts quiz?

Play through the rounds, get to the final and try to win Bully's Star Prize.

With this DVD you can even play the traditional game of 301 on your TV!


Just look at what you could have won!


Realll dont waste your money. This had the potential of being so much better. The control system of the one screen hand is awful and the game tedious despite the "what we bought it for" sound bites

I love Bulleseye and am a keen dart player but this interactive DVD is annoying and frustrating. You cannot control where you throw the dart which makes the whole game pointless. Wherever the hand is pointing expect the dart to go nowhere near where you are aiming. Stay Away.

A Bullseye revival. Just what we've all been waiting for.

cant beat a bit o bully

Did you notice on the TV show, when they lost it was always the car but when they won it was always a speedboat or a fitted kitchen lol :-D

Keep out of the black and in the red - nothing in this game for two in a bed :-D

Great,smashin,super :lol:

Agree with the first two comments - game is simply awful. It is pure luck where the 'dart' hits. Could have been so much more. Wouldn't pay even 99p for this.

And Bully's Special Prize!.......
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