Bullseye in your pocket only £1.99!! (was 9.99)
Bullseye in your pocket  only £1.99!! (was 9.99)

Bullseye in your pocket only £1.99!! (was 9.99)

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After the huge success of Mr. T voice box, the second installment of 'In your Pockets' is based on the TV quiz show 'Bullseye' - one of the star TV shows of the 80's, drawing some of the highest TV show ratings ever with a peak viewing audience of 19.8 million. The keychain features the voice of original presenter, Jim Bowen, who has seen many of the catchphrases become legendary. Also watch out for a NEW, upgraded series of Bullseye coming to your screens very soon!
"Now you've won nothing, but here's your BFH, your Bus Fare Home."
"Oh not another speed boat is it."
"Super, smashing, great!"
"Look at what you could have won."
"Here's your spelling question........I'll check that with Bully (Bully Moo)"
"I've got seven pounds here, it's going to take me two minutes to count this out. I'll see you after the break. It gets no better."


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Quality Cheese!

Ya carn't beet a bit a booly. lol ;-)

That's smashing...you've won a speed boat,...... But i live on tenth floor jim!

where's "stay out of the black and into the red. Nothing in this game for two in a bed"?

Or.. "we've ad a smashing day jim"

How accurate is the Bowen voice on this? Some of these things can sound a bit tinny... not that I'd expect a 7.1 surround-sound Jim for two quid, but still...

It's pretty damn good from what i can recall, bought of these for someone at christmas and paid about £8 i think.

Yeah this is quite fun - got a bit drunk christmas 05, drove everyone mad by jamming the buttons so it would sound remixed of him and keep repeating Jim's voice.

super, smashing, marvellous

Great find - shame the Stewie Griffin in your pocket is still £8.99...

I had to confiscate the one i gave to my 4 year old son .......SUPER annoying after 10 mins !!!! :-(

Spent £8 on the Mr T one, love it to bits. I'll be grabbing this one for sure. Nice one.

nice one thanks very much, super smashing great!

gutted. It is £9.99 now. Damn


gutted. It is £9.99 now. Damn

Guess that now makes it £9.99 in your pocket ;-)
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