Bully & Manhunt 2 Wii £5.99 each delivered @ HMV online

Bully & Manhunt 2 Wii £5.99 each delivered @ HMV online

£5.99HMV Deals


Red hot, although I assume you mean £5.99 each and not £5.99 for both as implied?
Red hot, although I assume you mean £5.99 each and not £5.99 for both as implied?

Title edited, thanks.
Stonking good find. Got manhunt 2 already, so ordered bully.
have'nt got either so ordered both, thankyou
Is it a good game?
Bully is a lot of fun not sure about Manhunt 2.

Is it a good game?

Havent played the wiimake of bully, but if the 360 version is anything to go by its a great game and well worth £6. Manhunt 2 i bought from play when it was £10 and recently completed it, i found the controls like moving and shooting a bit wobbly, but the killing and execution moves very satisfying, again its defo worth £6
Sizzling!!! Cant go wrong for 6 squid
Bully is great and Manhunt 2 sounds wicked.

Have ordered Manhunt 2, thanks OP.
great! thanks! ordered manhunt!!
Don't forget 3% quidco
H&R added
Bully is great, but Manhunt 2 is not so great in my opinion. Worth a shot at this price tho!
Cheers, ordered Bully.
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I'm really looking forward to playing Bully.
Jim Bowen, Bus Fare Home, 'nothing for two in a bed', 'look at what you could have won' etc etc.... I can't wait!
Fantastic deal mate - was going to buy it from play for £9.99 - glad I didnt now!!
Ordering Bully now cheers :-)

Not sure it will be my girlfriends kind of thing though.
Thanks, I had Bully on Pre order from shopto, bin waiting ages!!, just cancelled it. :thumbsup:

Heat Added.
Fantastic find! Have some H+R.

cheers for this, i got manhunt 2 for £8 from play and then took it to HMV for £10, so if i get this from HMV online ill have gotten it for £4. i have played bully on 360 and wii, great game but i still have the 360 one so no point in the wii one.
Manhunt 2 is now 11.49.

Bully now 9.99.
Still showing £5.99 for each game

Still showing £5.99 for each game

Yes, both games are still available at £5.99.
ordered bully. thanks. h&r added.
Almost ordered this (Bully) from Game when it was twice this price, good thing I didn't!

Ordered it late last night and already got confirmation and a dispatch email.

H&R added.
Thanks - very well spotted!
a deal hard to resist
Bully is an excellent game, I have it for the PS2 and enjoyed it thoroughly. Would buy this, but I'd rather get it for the 360 for the achievements :P
Ordered Manhunt 2
Stop fighting!! Thanks OP
good deal thanks:thumbsup::thumbsup:
would like to say thanks again, heat and rep added
Great find, another couple of games to add my Wii collection.
Nice find - two more game I may never get to! Still trying to complete RE 4
Brilliant find Ordered one:thumbsup:
both extremely contravertial titles, but hey, your choice not mine, altough I'd personally rather keep my £6 to be honest
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