Bulmers cider 568ml 99p each

Bulmers cider 568ml 99p each

Found 15th Jan 2007
Just as good as Magners if not the same but half the normal selling price.
Just picked up 12 botlles and will probably only have a few left tonight!!


Bulmers is Magners. In Ireland anyway...:whistling:

Im laying off the booze. So fat because of it :-(

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I was told that aswell, and cant tell the difference anyway!!

My son has also said it's Magners.

Yep, been told by 2 booze managers at 2 different Tescos that Bulmers really IS Magners 'in disguise'. Have to say, I think Magners is a total rip-off price even if it wasn't really Bulmers. It's all about the image, I suppose. Who'd have thought it - a cider, normally the preserve of the park bench dweller, becoming fashionable. :-D

There is a Cider company in both the ROI and the UK, which produce a Bulmers cider.

The Irish company has to import their Bulmers cider into England as Magners, so as not to break copyright laws and whatnot. The Bulmers you'll get over here is Bulmers Original (not made by the same company as Magners)

I'd say Magners is marginally better than Bulmers,........but pass me a pint of Strongbow anyday:thumbsup:

Yep, Bulmers Ireland (who make Magners) and Bulmers Original are entirely different companies and have no connection whatsoever.

Bulmers in the UK was a family owned business based in Hereford, now owned by brewers Scottish Courage. The Irish business is completely different - owned by C&C plc.

As for taste, each unto their own... gimme a pint of Guinness! :thumbsup:

Great bargain for the under age chavs who hang out in bus stops all night.

as said bulmers in the uk is different. basically they tried to cash in on the success of magners, by relaunching with near identical labels etc. it has confused a lot people into thinking its from the same makers of magners.

tesco have magners for £1.65 at the moment as well
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