Bulmers Orchard Pioneers 4 * 330ml cans £1.99 in Home Bargains

Bulmers Orchard Pioneers 4 * 330ml cans £1.99 in Home Bargains

LocalFound 17th Dec 2017
Bulmers Orchard Pioneers Sarah's Red Apple Cider, 4-packs of 330ml cans are £1.99 in Home Bargains. This looks to be in-store only, I found them in the Leeds Merrion branch.
Very drinkable and normally positioned at the premium end of the market, these are based on the Katy apple. They actually taste like apples were involved in their making unlike a lot of mass-market ciders. IMO not quite as good as Weston's but way way cheaper.
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Thanks. Heat added. Been wondering if these were worth buying.
tastes good I have bought a couple of times .

This and the craft beers they sell will be something I will fill the fridge with for Christmas
really not very nice, bought a couple of packs and there are still cans on the shelf, which is a rarity. seen them at my local HB for over a month which must mean they have quite a lot of stock to clear.

grab one if you must try, honestly would say i perfer normal bulmers (ow)
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I tried Thatchers Katy Cider at Tesco Express as all other ciders were sold out. But I threw up on the first bottle. So I think this cider is the same and not like Bulmers normal cider which I love.
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I can't be bothered going to a shop, either way it's better to buy them, or buy wine, from Amazon.
Cold , of course.
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