bulmers pear cider 88p @ co-operative food Cockermouth

bulmers pear cider 88p @ co-operative food Cockermouth

Found 14th Aug 2016
bulmers pear cider

dated 31.08.17

on national offer in fridge at £1 but scanning at £0.88 in Cockermouth store.

first time of posting properly, dont be harsh on me lol.

plus normal original cider is also in fridge priced at £1 so may also scan at £0.88, but not sure worth a go.
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I brought it too from Barmouth for 88p, however that was the price it was labelled at on the shelf.
Must be national this it's the same in my local, Apple too.
Nice find, thanks.
I got 2 pear today 88p said £2.19 on shelf bottles are 500ml tho is that why cheaper?
good find op, heat added
Cheap+cider = cockermouth
£1 price but I believe the new design is only 500ml hence the lower price?
its 12% less than the 568ml one hence the 12% reduction in price
Is it a closing down sale?
still nearly fills my pint glass, so all good
Thank you had the original
no sign of the pound offer 2 for £4
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