Bum bag! Hell yeah! £5 m&s!

Bum bag! Hell yeah! £5 m&s!

Found 9th Oct 2013
Everyday you wake up,wishing you could own a fantastic retro bumbag to complete your outfit? Couldn't afford it before? Now you can,at the price of 5 English pounds,with the help of the M&S sale!

Bring back the 80's and 90's in style and get your Mr Motivator on....you know you want to!
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Fanny Pack to our American friends lol
Original Poster
Everyone loves a good fanny pack!! But clearly not...stone cold haha!
"Hell No!!" lol
No thanks lol
like it or not bum bags are back! :P

I actually use one for dog training treats, but it was a couple of quid from ebay!
Bum Bags are big in ibiza, good for drugs i guess lol
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