Bunch of Amy Cross Horror/Thrillers FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Bunch of Amy Cross Horror/Thrillers FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

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Amy Cross is an extremely prolific author of Horror/Thriller/Ghost Stories. She's like the modern-day Kindle equivalent of Guy N. Smith. Most of her works only go for 99p so if you like these free offerings, buy some :-)

The Shades: amazon.co.uk/Sha…98/

One late September day, the entire population of the United States vanishes, leaving behind nothing but empty streets. For the rest of the world, there's no explanation for how 300m people could simply vanish in the blink of an eye.

While international organizations dither over what to do next, a powerful company pays for a small team of investigators to head to the U.S. and learn the truth. Once they're there, however, it becomes clear that a massive cover-up is already in place. Who left warning messages behind, why did a powerful storm hit the city with perfect timing, and what are the Shades?

The Curse of Wetherley House: amazon.co.uk/Cur…BM/

When she agrees to visit a supposedly haunted house with an old friend, Rosie assumes she'll encounter nothing more scary than a few creaks and bumps in the night. Even the legend of Evil Mary doesn't put her off. After all, she knows ghosts aren't real. But when Mary makes her first appearance, Rosie realizes she might already be trapped.

For more than a century, Wetherley House has been cursed. A horrific encounter on a remote road in the late 1800's has already caused a chain of misery and pain for all those who live at the house. Wetherley House was abandoned long ago, after a terrible discovery in the basement, something has remained undetected within its room. And even the local children know that Evil Mary waits in the house for anyone foolish enough to walk through the front door.

Before long, Rosie realizes that her entire life has been defined by the spirit of a woman who died in agony. Can she become the first person to escape Evil Mary, or will she fall victim to the same fate as the house's other occupants?

The Murder at Skellin Cottage: amazon.co.uk/Mur…WYR

Skellin Cottage is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Miles from the nearest town, nestled far out in the English countryside, it's the perfect place for visitors who want to get away from the world for a while. And then one morning the cottage's latest tenant, Deborah Dean, is found brutally murdered.

After several months of police inactivity, the cottage's owner Lord Martin Chesleford decides to take matters into his own hands. Hiring former police officer Joanna Mason, who now works alone as a private investigator, he demands that Deborah's murderer is brought to justice.

But while Deborah had tried to isolate herself at Skellin Cottage, she'd already begun to attract attention. Terrified of her own past, Deborah lived a life of fear, desperately afraid that the truth would one day be revealed. And as the ongoing investigation uncovers old secrets and new rivalries, another murder is right around the corner.

The Ghost of Molly Holt: amazon.co.uk/Gho…GN1

Tim doesn't believe in ghosts, but he has a crush on a girl who does. That's why he ends up taking her out to the house, and it's also why he lets her take his only flashlight. But as they explore the house together, Tim and Becky start to realize that something else might be lurking in the shadows.

Something that, ten years ago, suffered unimaginable pain.

Something that won't rest until a terrible wrong has been put right.

The Body at Auercliff: amazon.co.uk/Bod…SY/

“We'll bury her so deep, even her ghost will have a mouth full of dirt!”

When Rebecca Wallace arrives at Auercliff to check on her aged aunt, she's in for a shock. Her aunt's mind is crumbling, and the old woman refuses to let Rebecca stay overnight. And just as she thinks she's starting to understand the truth, Rebecca makes a horrifying discovery in one of the house's many spare rooms.

A dead body. A woman. Old and rotten. And her aunt insists she has no idea where it came from.

The truth lies buried in the past. For generations, the occupants of Auercliff have been tormented by the repercussions of a horrific secret. And somehow everything seems to be centered upon the mausoleum in the house's ground, where every member of the family is entombed once they die.

Whose body was left to rot in one of the house's rooms? Why have successive generations of the family been plagued by a persistent scratching sound? And what really happened to Rebecca many years ago, when she found herself locked inside the Auercliff mausoleum?

The Ghosts of Lakeforth Hotel: amazon.co.uk/Gho…A5/

When Beth Hayes arrives at Lakeforth Hotel, she's expecting a quiet, sedate and maybe even boring night. What she finds, however, is a crumbling old ruin that has clearly been left abandoned for many years. She wants to turn around and leave immediately, but her boyfriend has other ideas.

Lakeforth Hotel has a dark history. Almost a century earlier, two young girls were orphaned in a horrific fire, and they were quickly taken in by the hotel's owner Jobard Nash. They soon discovered that Nash was a cruel and sadistic man, and now it's said that the ghosts of those two girls haunt the hotel. But what do they want, and how far will they go in their hunt for revenge?

Dark Season Complete #1: amazon.co.uk/Dar…TQ6
Dark Season Complete #2: amazon.co.uk/Dar…EZI
Dark Season Complete #3: amazon.co.uk/Dar…QOE

Twisted Little Things & Other Stories: amazon.co.uk/Twi…CY/

Might be worth keeping an eye on if you like what you read, as I'm sure other works by the author come up free occasionally.
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Thanks, never heard of her. Looks like she gets good reviews on her books, will definitely be keeping an eye on them. I shall add her to my watched list on eReaderIQ.
Cheers for putting these together
great post have some heat
Looks Like Amy Cross is making more of her books free as some of her other books were free on 14 August 17, now all £0.99

Heat added though some have now gone up to 99p
Expired! £0.99 now
Yep it's expired, I missed it!
There's more of Amy Cross books being reduced to free each day. Keep checking, even at 99p they're a bargain.
just clicked on the link and bought - was 99p! annoying. why isn't this expired?
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