Bundaberg Root Beer 4 x 375ml  £3 @ Asda

Bundaberg Root Beer 4 x 375ml £3 @ Asda

Found 23rd Sep 2017
Man I love this stuff. Good price too. Usually £4.50 in Tesco and ridiculous prices on amazon
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great! will stock up on this.
Is ginger beer on sale as well?
Costco is cheaper per bokkle
Love this... cheers Op
Hot Hot Hot!

Love Root Beer
Love this stuff usually too expensive, will grab a 4 pack next time I'm in ASDA
I'm stunned, had no idea this made it to the UK...
The rum distillery across the road is one of the biggest in Oz, none of their products seem to make it to the UK though (apart from the bottles I have in the cupboard).
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