Bundle: Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router & Wireless USB Adaptor - £15.52 Delivered @ Kikatek

Bundle: Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router & Wireless USB Adaptor - £15.52 Delivered @ Kikatek

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TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless-G ADSL2+ Network Starter Kit

Seems a great price for modem, router and wireless usb adapter. Perfect starter kit, sure its not N compatible but at a fraction of the cost who cares!!

The TD-W54KIT is a network starter kit that includes a wireless ADSL2+ modem router TD-W8901G and a wireless USB adapter TL-WN321G. The TD-W8901G is an All-in-One device that combines the functions of a high speed DSL modem, a 4-Port 10/100Mbps NAT router and a wireless access point. Both devices are compliant with IEEE 802.11g standard. The TD-W54KIT is designed to give you a one-stop solution to acquiring and sharing high-speed Internet access over a wired/wireless network.

One-Stop Solution
This Wireless G ADSL2+ Network Starter Kit include all what you need to setup a wireless network in one package. The Kit consists of a wireless ADSL2+ modem router and wireless USB2.0 adapter which allows you to acquire a high speed Internet access and create a local network for surfing the Internet, sharing documents,photos and music.The TD-W54KIT could make you completely get rid of cable clutter of multiple devices over the desktop while at the same time helps you save the cost of procurement and the cost of device running.

High-Speed ADSL and Wireless Performance
Supporting the latest ADSL standard, the TD-W8901G provides higher performance (up to 24Mbps downstream, 3.5Mbps upstream) and longer reach from the central office of your ISP(Internet Service Provider), which gives you smooth media streaming, so you can watch TV, listen to music, broadcast over the Internet, and experience clear Internet phone calls. Wireless G technology allows you to connect to 802.11g wireless devices at up to 54Mbps, so you can make full use of your Broadband connection with TD-W54KIT.

Easy to Use
Easy Setup Assistant with multi-language support is provided in the product CD. You can select your mother-tongue and complete Internet connection, wireless network settings and security configurations step by step. This feature allows even novice users to setup the router products without sacrificing any key features, just play the AUTO-RUN CD bundled to have your network set up quickly and hassle-free.

Advanced Network Security
The TD-W8901G provides NAT and SPI (stateful packet inspection) firewall. SPI inspects the contents of incoming packets before they are allowed in, preventing potential attacks from across the Internet. For added convenience, it supports access control based on MAC address, IP address, domain name or application so parents and network administrators can establish restricted access policies for children or staff and prevent unauthorized access to the home and office network. For wireless, both TD-W8901G and TL-WN321G support WEP and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions provide your network with active defence against wireless security threats.


Would this work connected to a cable modem ?

From reading the description I think it should but could some network whizz please confirm this ?


No coz that's for adsl not cable connections.

K750man - if you're a cable customer, make sure whatever router you buy does not say "modem" in the description. You'll already have a cable modem so you only need a router

This is in another thread on hotukdeals and would be suitable for you
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Came out at £15.60
Price £13.00 + £2.60 vat with free delivery.
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