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Large Dog Pet Bed Hardwearing £8.99 @ Bunty
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Posted 25th Apr 2017Posted 25th Apr 2017
Large Dog Pet Bed Hardwearing £8.99 @ Bunty
Large dog bed £8.99. Shipping free.

The one i had delivered had a hole in it where the stitching had come away and despite several attempts at contacting the supplier i never did a reply so i ended up stitching it up myself but the dog doesnt seem to mind


thanks, just bought, this looks very good value, hope it takes longer than usual for my boarder terriers to eat.


:) I have bought these previously.. bought 2 small ones but all 3 of my jrt's decided to lie in the one bed so I bought a large one and they love it and I have to say for the price I was very impressed with the quality. Thanks for posting .. definitely :) from me ... will purchase another one as always good to have a spare


Good products hot from me


Good price

Dog Bed XX-Large Free Deliver £11.99 @ Bunty
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Posted 26th Feb 2017Posted 26th Feb 2017
Dog Bed XX-Large Free Deliver £11.99 @ Bunty
Comes in a range of sizes all are on off small £5.99 to XXL £11.99 with free delivery. Also if you sign up to an account you get a further 10% so only cost me £10.80. Very happy. … Read more
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Did anyone get their old invoice from February re-emailed to them again yesterday? I did and for a moment thought it was someone making a new phantom order!


Has anyone else not received their beds yet ?


Very impressed with out XXL bed, think our new lab pup we are getting this week will get lost in it but plenty of growing room (if it isn't chewed to death within weeks) lol


Amazing bed! I bought a medium and it fits my two miniature dachshunds perfectly! Love it! Thinking of getting one for the husband


Ahh my bed arrived but too small. (I should have measured properly!) I've reordered a new one and they've emailed me saying I will be refunded as soon as they get the original one back. Great customer service. :D

Bunty dog beds on offer - e.g. Xxl £13.74 with free delivery. @ Bunty Pet Products
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Posted 28th Jan 2017Posted 28th Jan 2017
Bunty dog beds on offer - e.g. Xxl £13.74 with free delivery. @ Bunty Pet Products
I saw these on offer and decided to order one for my greyhounds. I received it yesterday and so impressed for the price, I'm going to order a couple more. Shows £14.99 for the xxl… Read more

Yep mine too. Doesn't look as though it'll stay puffed up or be that long lasting though.


Bed arrived yesterday, pooch was pampered today and made to smell delightful, so has been allowed on his new bed today ;) .... he is in heaven, all curled up snoring his head off as I type.... he's sooooo comfy, thanks again for posting op, it's a thumbs up off me and doubly so off my doggie! <3


Yep, expired.


Coming up at £29.99 for me?


Have been looking for a decent bed for my doggie for a while now, can't thank you enough for posting, thanks <3

XL Dog Pet Bed £12.99  @ Bunty pet products
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Posted 19th Jan 2017Posted 19th Jan 2017
XL Dog Pet Bed £12.99 @ Bunty pet products
Amazing value for the size of bed. I've just got my doggies all new beds. It states Shipping should be £2.99 but if you go to checkout it's free :)
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My dog has rather taken to my old beanbag...


When you create an account the 10% new customer discount is automatically deducted from your purchase total and you can select free delivery in the checkout process.


I hope its a good bed for your dog.Personally I find anything that looks like a bargain usually isntIve spent £100'son cheap beds leads and collars and final 3 years ago bought a memory foam one(about £70 from memory foam dog bed co) And it lasted since then..Ive just treated him to a new silent night pocket sprung one which will last that long again.He now has his memory foam one in the motorhome still a good bed.Cheap ones usually go flat after a few days,imo a couple of blankets or towels on the floor would do just as well.


They why **** it off??? Some people urrrrrre Then why comment slagging it off? If you don't know weather is good or not don't comment. Some people make me angry doubting my purchase when they haven't even tried this product. I will comment with photos and hopefully I'm not eating my words.


Never tried this bed,I haven't voted hot or cold

Medium Dog Bed Choice of Colours £9.99 @ Buntypetproducts
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Posted 15th Jan 2017Posted 15th Jan 2017
Medium Dog Bed Choice of Colours £9.99 @ Buntypetproducts
Medium bumper dog bed and machine washable.
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Deshedding Dog Brush Grooming £6.99 @ Buntypetproducts
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Posted 2nd Jan 2017Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Deshedding Dog Brush Grooming £6.99 @ Buntypetproducts
Cuts the loose hair from your dog and have a push button to remove hair from brush. "FREESHIP" on checkout removes the standard shipping
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it might just get through the hair on a cat....


It says for both :D


Loose hair doesn't need cutting?


So is this for dogs with hair or dogs with fur.. I'm confused ? See most dogs have fur which means they malt but some dogs like mine have hair so they don't shed any hair at all.

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Large Raised Dog Pet Bed £14.99 @ Buntypetproducts
311° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2016Posted 30th Dec 2016
Large Raised Dog Pet Bed £14.99 @ Buntypetproducts
Free delivery if you use freeship code on checkout.
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Ordered although the Get Deal link is faulty. Use this one. https://www.buntypetproducts.co.uk/elevated-pet-bed.html


Incase anyone is interested, the large fits our greyhounds fine. Ordered after my last comment and it arrived today so quick delivery too!


Great price thanks just ordered :D


Fab, always wanted one of these!!


I gave it an order. Should help our older dog.

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