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Posted 4 September 2023

Burg-Wächter , Bicycle lock 260 60, Standard (assorted colours)

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Assorted colours - Red ,Blue, BlackThe 260 60 Cable Lock by Burg-Wächter is ideal for securing bicycles and their contents. It has an easy-opening lock and the Auto-Locking feature means locking with no key adding great convenience for everyday use. The tough plastic coating protects your bike from scratches and it is an ideal short length for securing your bike.

  • Assorted Colours - Red, Black Blue
  • Compact size - 60cm ideal to secure one bike
  • Plastic coated - Provides protection against your bike getting scratched
  • Autolocking - Quick to lock no need to use the key
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  1. SebK's avatar

    Thieves can tamper the racks so worth looking for anything suspicious like additional tape for example.
  2. OB1's avatar
    These kind of locks are handy to secure panniers and low value stuff. Definitely wouldn't use it for a bike though!
  3. Bbqueue's avatar
    You could probably get a similar level of security by using a cheese string or liquorice lace 🏻
    grommachine's avatar
    Good portion of people don't like liquorice, so that's a prevention right there.
  4. brooky's avatar
    Thanks OP - voted hot. Obviously wouldn't use one on my most expensive bike but good to lock up my cheaper ones whilst out and about to stop any opportunistic thieves/kids who would steal it just to flog for £50 in their local pub. 
  5. rugman's avatar
    Bike crims say thanks
    SebK's avatar
    Everything can be stolen , plus not everyone is walking with bolt cutters and battery angle grinders.
  6. C_Q's avatar
    pretty sure you can get these in the poundshop for a quid. and they're barely worth that. the actual lock and pin shatters super easy.
  7. melted's avatar
    Why not to use a cable lock...

  8. hempzane's avatar
    Could have done with one of these on the titanic
  9. Goldie7's avatar
    The reviews on amazon are comedy gold. People seriously thought using this garbage would save their £300+ bikes?

    5 quid lock for £300+ bikes checks out. One born every minute!
  10. timmy_w's avatar
    As a victim of cable lock, I must vote for cold.
  11. hereforthegear's avatar
    Have litelok and hiplok...expensive, but needs must
    Although can also recommend
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