Burger King Free fries and drink survey (receipt required)

Burger King Free fries and drink survey (receipt required)

Found 8th May 2012
Free fries and drink survey on the back of receipts.
You simply go online onto the site on the back of the receipt.

Complete the survey and it will give you a code which you need to write on the back fo the receipt.

Once done simply take it into your store and hand them the voucher they will check the code and accept it.

I know they are doing this in all cardiff stores.

Im not sure about anywhere else though.

I seen a deal like this on here already but it had expired.

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free fries and drink for where exactly ? is this the burger king one

free fries and drink for where exactly ? is this the burger king one

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sorry just edited the title now for it to say burger king

First post

all these deals yet there are no burger kings left within about 40 miles lol

thats the problem with burger king.

i work in one and i get people saying why aint there more around.

burger king could make so much more if they thought about it
if anyone wants to jump on it theres a day like 5th of june i think where if you have the motto service stop app you get %40 of burger king good if your traveling or for truckers etc
A 1000 empty calories for free, heat.......
Thanks. Also if anyone is intrested and enjoyed the lamb flatbread. They should be bringing it back in about a months time
I used to prefer BK to MacDonalds but MacDonalds nowadays has much better offers. Also the last few BKs I had the fries were horrible, they appear to be keeping the same fat for too long and they are disgusting.

thats the problem with burger king.i work in one and i get people saying … thats the problem with burger king.i work in one and i get people saying why aint there more around.burger king could make so much more if they thought about it

its the opposite here

they have actually CLOSED them all thats why there arnt any around anymore
aww right that bad is it.

ye i think the prices are disgusting to be honest. we have actually worked out the prices of how much the burger would be to make and me and one of the managers worked out it would roughly be about 62p to make a whopper burger and they sell these for 3,49 i think just for the burger thats a huge profit.

they are a really greedy company.
if they simply dropped the prices to more affordable ones they would sell alot more and be more popular like mc donalds
I may be wrong but McDs are all franchises whereas BK are all company owned. The McD franchises are kept on a short leash, tow the line and are driven by their private owners controlling say 1-5 branches. If they don't hey could lose the franchise. BK on the other hand are all left to rot by the corporate machine who think of the shareholders and fat cats, leaving all investment till last.
I'm no huge fan of either chain but McD does come across as cleaner, fresher, modern and customer orientated.

BTW voting cold these receipts have been about for months if not years.
all bk are franchise owned but i think the main company has alot more say than with mcdonalds.
i find mcds is cleaner etc but burger king has higher quality food but is costing way 2 much.

they have been around for a few months but i thought as there was no post on here only an expired one i thought id share it
Very satisfieing food!
Do you actually need to buy Another burger to get the free fries and drink?

so you go in order a burger with previous receipt to get fries + drink.

Or just go in give them the receipt and get a free fries + drink?

thank you
ye you need to buy another burger to get free fries and drink.

worth it considering the survey does not take that long.

heads up they will be changing this soon so you buy the fries and drink (about £2.49 approx) and get a free burger - whopper. royale or veggie burger which means you will save over half price.
I can confirm the offer has now changed for the better:

Complete a short survey, write the code on your receipt and and take it with you on your next visit.

Purchase a regular drink and fries (in my local BK in Swansea this comes to £2.58) and you have the choice of a free Whopper, Chicken Royale or Veggie Bean Burger.

And you can also use the receipt from this discounted transaction to complete another survey and do the same thing again and again.

Much better than paying £4.99+ for a Whopper or Chicken Royale meal.
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Castleford jnc 32 burger king is very poor, dry bread, very little sauce on italian chicken meal chicken, chicken over cooked & dry, rodeo meal kept too long on hot rack before served, tried satifrires paid 20p extra each meal not worth it, not cooked eanough not many fries either. tiolet not maintained tiolet paper jamed in holder so it game out in bids, elcetric hand dryer not working.
the same sort of things happened at castleford town centre one just before it closed. is this one closing as well?
SOoo good
Im getting 3 whoppers with drinks and fries for free ! If you purchase a whopper on the receipt you get a code at the right then you go on to a website called BK-Feedback.com then you do a survey and it will give you a code. Once you've done that you write the code down on the receipt theres a little box for it. After all that you can hand the receipt back in with the code on it then they should give you a option of a chicken burger a whopper or a royal vegetable bean burger they also include a free soft drink and fries.
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