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Whopper Wednesday!! £1.99 via app... @ Burger king
LocalLocalFound 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Had this emailed earlier and only just realised it's not been posted... I love Whoppers when they're this price...
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Exciting!! XD


Bump ... 'cause tomorrow's WEDNESDAY (party) (highfive)


Not the chicken burgers though 🐔🐔🐔


Unless changed very recently, they all still flame grill all burgers (y) ... However they are held in a warming drawer and reheated in a microwave to the best of my knowledge 👎... But it does allow for fast food... (y)


Shame they don't actually flame grill their burgers anymore. Quality has been edging downwards for a good few years, don't think they can go much lower!

Whopper Jr 99p @ Burger King
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Whopper Jr 99p @ Burger King Found here
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Yeah that's annoying for some people lol, I like having loads of ice in my drinks and usually half fill the cup with ice at Subway since you pour your own cold drink and ice. You can ask for no ice, though I understand you probably didn't know you'd get so much.


Wouldn't have minded so much but half of the cup was ice! :(


Must depend on location, regular Coke is £1.89 at my local Burger Kings, £1.79 for regular Coke Zero/Diet Coke or the other drinks.


Not been to BK for a long while. Popped in to grab one of the 99p Burgers. Look at the price of a regular coke! (shock) Don't think I'll be back.


I'd take my cat to KFC if they did cats as well as chickens

Free 7 Day Game Pass With BK Kingbox Purchase @ Burger King (can stack up to 4 & works on existing accounts)
LocalLocalFound 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
So the deal is you buy a King Box, which is a Burger, Fries Chicken Nugs & a Drink for £4.99 you get given a scratchcard with a 7 day game-pass code. Its been on here before, … Read more

Just as a reminder: Xbox is offering a 1 month sub for new subscribers for just £1, I believe the offer is valid until early January so that might be a more enticing offer for some folks. £1 for 1 Month


3 years as that's how long my game pass maxed out at


I know, I didnt mean to be condescending :) was just agreeing with you.


I was replying to the fact he said he was surprised it was the first time it was posted. When it wasn't the first time


should be, just trying to make sure there aren't sneaky T&Cs looked it up online but language wasn't 100% clear

Buy One Get One Free Whoppers at Burger King (from 12/12/18  - Redeem Voucher 01/01 to 31/01/19)
Refreshed 12th Dec 2018Refreshed 12th Dec 2018
Found at this tweet Running throughout December
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Interesting point that ...


Should Londeners who earn a lot more than the rest of the country pay the same? The stores will have much higher rents,staff costs etc.


Completely agree. I can't understand why this deal is so hot? unless you're in a city and walk by the place every day, this is just getting you to go in twice; once now and one in January. Unless you're a regular in burger king I'd have thought this will end up costing more than it's saving due to going more regularly. That's not even thinking about the extortionate price of a whopper to begin with. I wouldn't even call it 'but one get one free' because you've got to wait and make another visit to get the free one. More like 'buy one get a free voucher'.


Haha I love your comment. Sainsburys are doing buy one get one free on malted milk biscuits so im hoping they do it on their kegs of Desperados too


4000 heat for a voucher for a free burger in the new year, says alot about the lifestyles and age of most members on here i should have known that anyway with all the gamming deals :(

Whopper Jr. Meal £2.99 @ Burger King
LocalLocalFound 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Whopper Jr. with a small drink and small fries for £2.99. Whopper Jr. is usually £2.59 on its own, so you’re getting a drink and fries for 40p. Great deal for the kids, a quick … Read more

Twice a week is way too much, but I doubt most of the food kids eat during lunch hour or even in the house is much healthier. And loads of kids would rather just go without food than be forced to eat salads/quinoa/bland rice meals etc. I was just the same at their age. It's society's problem - most mothers (are often forced to) work fulltime so neither parent has enough time to prepare tasty healthier meals.


Thanks just found this whilst in queue for drive through. Heat added.


No kids you’re not having a toy as this was on offer instead. Good luck with that.


once every other month is enough.Lazy parenting


Indeed! this will create shorter queues for the rest of us :D

7 days free Xbox Game Pass with a King Box meal - £4.99 @ Burger King
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Free 7 day game pass for Xbox Live 100's of games to play. Free with a purchase of a King Box Meal at Burger King or just grab em as they are left stacked up at the till.

The code give you 7 days full access to literally 100s of games some of them brand new AAA release such as Forza Horizon 4. How is it not a deal?! Half the stuff on here relates to 15p bottles of Ketchup. This for once is a deal worth noting.


People who would dine at BK and buy such a meal have an added incentive of a 7 day gamepass as a bonus to the meal, as stated in other threads for this deal if one month is valued at £8 then 7 days is worth about £2. Essentially it's a deal for those who enjoy this brand of food and also own an xbox one and would be interested in using the game pass subscription for 7 days and have internet facilities required to download the games, usually the meal alone is just £5 but the deal here is that you get gamepass. If you don't want to eat though gamepass is cheaper from places like cdkeys or on the xbone dashboard itself.


Struggling to see how this is a deal



Dont buy it then im sure Bill Gates and The King wont lost sleep over it. I aint typing out the terms and conditions for you too read Jesus.

BURGER king £1.99 Student Combo Deal -  Any long burger with small fries
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
New Unidays Perk - Any long burger with small fries for £1.99
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Cheers for the life story.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Maybe will have the scotch and the egg separately 🥃🍳😁


Keep to your diet lady... I am sure the bk can wait. Scotch eggs are the future as you can't microwave them for the fear of exploding. They are low in fat and taste great with salad lol


Think I'm probably grumpy because I'd actually like to be eating a BK instead of talking about it!! Syn-free slimming world treats just aren't quite cutting it for me today Thank you for returning my sparkle - am smiling now too! xxx (lol) 😘


You have really made chuckle tonight... Thanks lol

Burger King Box £4.99 with 7 day Xbox game pass
Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018LocalLocal
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This but the Bacon King is better still Edit -as long as you say no mayo... yucky


Which is a bit unfair considering their Bacon Double Cheese Burger is better than anything for sale at McDonalds. Their chips are better as well.


Sorry just going by the last few posts


Expiry date is 31st December 2018 as per website: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/unboxmykingbox


Shouldn’t this be expired by now?

Burger king - Use the burger king app for weekly meal deals
Found 29th Aug 2018Found 29th Aug 2018
Burger king - Use the burger king app for weekly meal deals
£1.99£4.9960%Burger King Deals
No vouchers required Use the burger king app for weekly meal deals and scan the barcode at the till

So all in all, not great feedback about the app on here.


For those of you that use the app, you can delete and reinstall it to refresh all the deals without having to wait. Goes hand-in-hand with the fact that Burger King almost always has free wifi available. I've also had luck asking to redeem a voucher several times (i.e showing them the code for 6 Chilli Cheese Bites for £1.29, and asking if I can have it twice or more times) though it's usually the managers that do this, so be sure to ask for their verification if you get refused.


I hope not


Worked here in North Wales and the app is updated with new deals every week


No issues

Burger King Printable Vouchers - Valid Untill 30/09/2018
Refreshed 21st Aug 2018Refreshed 21st Aug 2018LocalLocal
Printable vouchers for Burger King, valid untill 30/09/2018 but very likely accepted after that date ;) Click the link and scroll down to find the vouchers and print them off, ha… Read more

These vouchers are still available to print off from the Burger King website, and my local are still accepting them, so i've unexpired it untill someone says they got declined or BK update their website with new vouchers..


Can you use these vouchers printed off if in black and white?


They Have some good ones and mix in with some small ones I'm happy with the 15% off


The Tuesday 9-piece offer has the smallest pieces compared to the full priced (about half the weight)?! I did test purchases at my local one, there is a big noticeable difference between special offer weight and fill priced weight. My conclusion is that the Tuesday offer is very close to a fake.


thats the standard size one he was talking about in that deal, the XL is probably some crazy price you can get the standard size one anytime for £1.99, simply buy a BDC burger and ask for it plain (just cheese) then add bacon for 50p ;)

£1.99 King Of The Day at Burger King
LocalLocalFound 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
I don’t if this has always been an offer or is a new thing but I saw an advert on the bus stop for “King Of The Day” for £1.99 and thought I would share it. The deal for each day i… Read more

Thank you for posting




Do Motorway services accept these?


It was all you can eat with a caveat that you got to find the Cattle or Pig yourself.


Heat from me - cheap offers for Whoppers have been hard to come by for a few years (apart from the receipt survey things), so I know where I'll now be eating on Wednesdays!

Free £1 Amazon Voucher with any adult meal @ Burger King via VoucherCodes
Found 6th May 2018Found 6th May 2018
Free £1 Amazon Voucher with any adult meal @ Burger King via VoucherCodes
VoucherCodes Link Terms & Conditions 1. To be eligible you must upload a full and clear picture of your BURGER KING receipt to your VoucherCodes account. 2. An Adult meal mu… Read more

£3.99 at Moto Service with Moto app


Presume none of the BurgerKing Vouchers can be used which makes it a bit of a no-go - unless I miss something here?


Been to moto service few times but never had Burger King there. Would rather starve then having £19 BK meal. (lol)


You've never been to a Moto services then!


What ?? £19 adult meal for Burger King ? It’s around £6-£7 nationwide I believe... :/

New Burger King Printable Vouchers  (and codes) e.g. Long Texas BBQ & Fries £1.99 - Valid Until 31st May
Refreshed 10th May 2018Refreshed 10th May 2018
New Printable Vouchers for Burger King have just been uploaded to the website - handy if you have any issues with the app. Valid until the 31st May Have also listed the codes as w… Read more
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As a meal option. Not some snack bites


Chilli cheese bites


Wouldn't accept them at Victoria Station in London. Went and got myself a big tasty instead (flirt)


The Signature Collection burgers at McDs are better than their standard stuff (we give in to the Happy Meal pester power).


Just loaded the app to try and if you select restaurants at the bottom it takes you to map of your area , select filters and you can tick a box to show restaurants in your vicinity that accept mobile vouchers and it will show a small phone with a dollar sign in it. Don't know how up to date it is. :D andselect

Bacon double cheeseburger Fries and 3 Chilli cheese bites £3.49 @ BK
LocalLocalFound 23rd Mar 2018Found 23rd Mar 2018
Bacon double cheeseburger Fries and 3 Chilli cheese bites £3.49 @ BK
Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Small Fries and 3 Chilli Cheese Bites Only £3.49 at Burger King A feast fit for a King

A lot of burger king staff getting upset. I doubt it happens in all stores. I left 3 years ago.


You get the same via app as well


I think the recent metro newspaper voucher for BDC and fries @ £1.99 is still valid. Adding 6 chilli cheese bites for £1.29 is still cheaper


Vouchers valid until 15th March 2018... Expired!


(poo) HEAD

9 nuggets for 99p from Burger King
Found 26th Feb 2018Found 26th Feb 2018
In response to the KFC fiasco, Burger King currently has a deal on that includes 9 chicken nuggets for 99p. I think you have to download the app ( here's a link ) in order to get t… Read more
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Are you sure? What items are Halal in BK?


Their food is such poor quality turned me into a vegetarian!


Catering for a wider clientele. Nothing wrong with that.


Probably the only chain outlet I wish didnt!


They serve halal in some locations

Burger King Printable Vouchers - Valid Untill 15/03/2018
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
Burger King Printable Vouchers - Valid Untill 15/03/2018
Printable Vouchers for Burger King, these will come in handy if your App has stopped working like mine :/ the t&c's on the vouchers seem blurred, hopefully they will fix th… Read more

Heat added op. I just been into Burger King, told em I left the vouchers at home n I wanted a deal off it n she said no problem handed me the vouchers and I got a deal (y)


not sure i could eat a whole Vegan, maybe a slow roasted arm, do you think they would serve it in a bun? il add cheese + bacon :)


I hope one day Buger King also encourage customers eating vegans


So what's the deal on that Sherlock?


Just take out the burger (highfive)

Burger King loyalty card. 10 stamps= £5 off
Found 21st Jan 2018Found 21st Jan 2018
Burger King loyalty card. 10 stamps= £5 off
Some BK branches have a loyalty card. Earn a stamp with a minimum spend of £4. 2 stamps= free coffee 4 stamps= Free large upgrade 6= free side 8=Free Sundae 10= £5 off

Worse than KFC in that sense definitely.


Nexus Android 8.1.0


Confirmed stores so far: White City (Westfield) Slough




So for £40 you get little over 10% off. (shock) Rubbish!

Get Regular Chips At Burger King For 50p Using The App
Found 20th Jan 2018Found 20th Jan 2018
Get Regular Chips At Burger King For 50p Using The App
Get the burger king regular chips for 50p using the app! Great deal!
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For the amount you get this should never cost more than 50p. Fries -v- chips Chips are more filling and appear better value pound for pound. ;)


excellent heart attack food


They've changed hands, so are in transition, hopefully will get better


the App stopped working for me on Android a couple of months ago, it just doesnt do anything when trying to login, theres a lot of people complaining about the same thing on the google play store :( also the vouchers they have for download on their website are 'use by 30/11/2017" they really need to get their online shizzle together...

Free whoppers at Leicester Square Burger King tonight if dressed as a clown
LocalLocalFound 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
Free whoppers at Leicester Square Burger King tonight if dressed as a clown
If you dress as a clown and go to BK in Leicester Sqaure (Central London) tonight dressed as a clown you can get a free whopper 7pm-3am ( 500 free whoppers available). https://ww… Read more

Did that actually happen to you?


you walk home sad, lonely, hungry and looking like a clown..... will probably start raining too and your make up will run. i'd just give up on the whole idea, and get a kebab ;)


only 500 available? What happens when you dress up like a clown then turn up as number 501...


......Speaking of Whoppers! (shock)


So where do I buy a clown dress? Only ebay sell them but look crap