Burnout 3 for Xbox £4.97 delivered; RRP £39.99

Burnout 3 for Xbox £4.97 delivered; RRP £39.99

Found 8th Sep 2006
From Tesco Jersey!


Go Fast...go Crash!
Take a trip down Adrenaline lane, SLAM the competition into oncoming traffic and risk all to win, in the fastest, most intense race ever...Take down your rivals

6 player online in full Traffic
Creates chaos in 100 crash junctions

Language: English
No. of disks: 1
Catalogue number: EA39196

Genre: GameSub
Genre: DrivingRelease
date: 10 September 2004
Format: Xbox
Certificate: P3+


let me just point out that this WON'T work on the xbox 360 (I tried and was disappointed)

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oh gosh! sorry! that sucks.

should I delete this? or is there a machine that this game will work on?

i think this works on the 360 now. if you havent tired it recently have another go.

checked out xbox 360 site - this game is backward compatible
Nice Find - Thanks - Rep Given

Can confirm as of the latest update (last week) it does work on the 360 although there is a slight reddish discolouration from the light blurring when you're boosting. It's a fantastic game online though, the Road Rage especially.

I'm almost tempted to pick this up just to have one for each console or as a reserve should my 2 year old disc fail from overuse (it was released 2 years ago tomorrow so why it's still RRP £39.99 I don't know

Nice find Thanks AngelUndercover!

Great price for one of the best Burnout titles around, thanks to Angelundercover, nice find. 8-)

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Hope people got in there quick because it's gone up to £37.99 now!

I'm sure a few peeps got it! I've marked it expired now though.

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lmfao so did I now its double expired!! woohoo! hehe I'll change it

btw GOOD MORNING TO YA! Have a great one!:-D

Already changed it. Use the exired button up there instead of typing it in.
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