Burnout Legends [PSP] from Tesco Jersey - £8.79 (+7% Quidco)

Burnout Legends [PSP] from Tesco Jersey - £8.79 (+7% Quidco)

Found 13th Apr 2008
Tesco Jersey are selling "Burnout Legends" for the Sony PSP for £8.79
To get free delivery, enter the code 'Freedel' (without quotes) at the checkout .

You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 7% from Quidco, making it just £8.17)

It's currently listed as "Normally dispatched within 3-5 days."

Next best price is £9.99 from Woolworths. Everywhere else has it for £13 or more.


The fastest, most dangerous racer on home consoles is now the fastest, most dangerous racer on the PSP handheld entertainment system, with Burnout Legends.

Taking the series award-winning speed, action and attitude on the road for the first time, Burnout Legends combines the best moments in the franchises history with exclusive PSP-only features, gameplay and connectivity.

The ultimate quick-hit of on-the-go gameplay, Burnout Legends includes tracks from Burnout, Burnout 2: Point of Impact and Burnout 3: Takedown, completely redesigned for aggressive racing on the PSP.

Burnout Legends gives new meaning to Road Rage with all new cars, scores of unlockable surprises and nine updated classic gameplay modes, from Crash and Burning Lap to Pursuit and Eliminator.

Gamers can also spend endless hours with the Burnout Legends suite of multiplayer options, including WiFi showdowns, customizable mini-championships and a wireless Game Share option where friends can play head-to-head with one UMD.

Irresponsible Speed - Burnout Legends captures the series blistering speed and intensity, delivering the fastest, most dangerous racing experience available on the PSP. Blinking is overrated

Best of Burnout - Burnout Legends includes completely redesigned versions of the best tracks and crash junctions in Burnouts history - all revved up for aggressive driving and maximum takedowns on the PSP

Wireless Multiplayer - Gamers can take down their friends in four-player WiFi action in Race, Crash, Pursuit and Road Rage modes

Customizable Championships - The Burnout Legends wireless mode lets gamers create multiplayer race series that cycle through multiple events keeping players behind the wheel, not searching for matches in the lobby

Unlockable Surprises - Each copy of Burnout Legends ships randomly with 5 of 25 unlockable cars. The additional 20 can only be collected by playing friends in WiFi challenges
Game Share - Gamers can upload a level of Burnout Legends to their friends PSP so they can both play - from just one UMD.

Crash Mode - Its in there! A new scoring system does away with multipliers, challenging gamers to strategically launch their car into traffic in search of the biggest, Hollywood-style crashes imaginable

Pursuit Mode - The cops are back! Get behind the wheel of all-new police cars for the ultimate game of high-speed cat-and-mouse

Gameplay Modes - Burnout Legends delivers enormous variety with a total of nine gameplay modes, including Crash, Pursuit, Burning Lap, Road Rage, Eliminator, Race, Time Attack, Legends Face-Off and Legends GP

Championship Structure - An all-new progression system offers frequent rewards, keeping gamers coming back for quick bursts of on-the-go action


link not working and cannot find on jersey site


could you confirm if its gone?

Original Poster


could you confirm if its gone?

Yep, looks like it's gone, sorry. :-(

Best I can find it now is ]£12.99 from SoftUK. Use the code 'Cheap Games' to get free postage.
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