Burnout Paradise - Complete Edition £23.99 @ Playstation PSN

Burnout Paradise - Complete Edition £23.99 @ Playstation PSN

Found 5th Jul 2010
This deal is exclusive to playstation network. The price for the game (stand alone) is £24.99 on the playstation network (cheaper elsewhere obviously), but for the complete edition package is only £23.99, which includes:

Original game burnout paradise - £24.99
Big surf island add on - £9.99
Boost special cars add - £6.29
Legendary cars add on - £6.29
Toy collection add on - £9.99
Time savers pack add on - £3.99
Cops and robbers add on - £7.99
Party add on - £7.99

THE MATHS: so the total price for all the software (prices taken from PSN on 05/07/10) is £77.52 if bought seperately, or £23.99 as a bundle = saving of £53.53

In my opinion its a great game, theres plenty of reviews etc on internet so not gonna waffle on. Download size is 3.5 GB and it may take a couple of attempts to download it without the data being corrupted (took me 2 tries) but ultimately I am very pleased with this purchase.


Your better off buying the Ultimate box edition as you can trade it in after you have finished with it. You will of course have to buy some of the extras. Big surf Island is probably the only one I would get though.

Or you couold just buy the basic version with free bikes addon and pay £14.99?

It all depends if the additional DLC is worth £9 to you.

Personally I found the normal edition to be the best edition in terms of price:quality.
While I enjoyed playing the game, the normal version gave me more than enough gameplay time without getting overly frustrated.
It started off as a really cool game, but after a while I got severely annoyed by the enormously lengthy replays every time you crash or make another car crash. It happens about every 10 seconds, and it's about as much fun as someone taking away your controller for a second every ten seconds of play.
Even if you hang in longer than I do, the big surf island should be all you need as far as DLC goes.

top top game
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