Burnout Paradise: (PC) Ultimate box - £4.99 @ The Game Collection!
Burnout Paradise: (PC) Ultimate box - £4.99 @ The Game Collection!

Burnout Paradise: (PC) Ultimate box - £4.99 @ The Game Collection!

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+ Quidco too!

Absolutely superb game well worth the price! Includes the free bikes and cagney updates, absolutely brimming with content and hours worth of gameplay and very fun online gameplay too!
Works well with steering wheel adaptors, xbox 360 controller etc too

Mod Edit: OP confirms the above re DLC is incorrect and is not included.


Got this free from Cokezone.

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Good for you, probably cost about the same or more with the amount of coke you need to drink though

yeah i think this is a healthier option.

This doesn't include all the DLC. Just the free ones plus the party pack.

It is worth saying that offer is for the PC version only. Please be more accurate when posting offers.

Shame it doesn't include DLC.

You should probably include the word 'PC' in your title and also description as this is for PC only, NOT any other format. I've added some tags too.

"it includes all the excellent DLC such as Big Surf Island"

It only comes with some of the DLC, Big Surf Island is not included.

looks liek this deal is still on so needs unexpiring

This shouldn't be expired.

Keep it expired until the description is updated. Does not include Big Surf Island, and is PC version

I was going to say, it;'s a shame they don't have the dlc for the pc version. Why studios need to shortchange pc users is beyond me. yes yes I knwo the shpill about piracy and all that but there will always be piracy....why not stop making games altogether for the pc....they couldn't do that....

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Edited post.

Superb game. highly reccomended for those who love racers and those who dont!
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