Burtons Biscuits Cartoonies @Poundland 80's & 90's kids they're back!

Burtons Biscuits Cartoonies @Poundland 80's & 90's kids they're back!

LocalFound 22nd Feb 2018
One of my favourite snacks as a kid, was only thinking about them with a friend last month.

Walking around Poundland I saw them and snatched them up like an Eagle!

Taste like I remember, smaller than I remember, but a great trip down memory lane!
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Nationwides as far as I can tell, had them in B&M too, Cardboardy with a dissapoitning amount of chocolate in the middle complete with an indishinguhsablel cartoon animal print on each biscuit (except the guarenteed crushed odd one or two in each packet..... God I love them, went rthrough a whole multipack in one day.
My kid loves these, tried them in poundland then got in home bargains 79p,
Oh my. Haven't seen them in a while.
"snatched them up like an Eagle" is my new favourite simile
So this is where they went. Had them in my local B&M for weeks and then they never restocked.

Ta OP. Will check Poundland now.
Thanks OP, I snatched up three packets like an eagle in home bargains. 89p a pack
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