Burts Guinness Thick Cut Potato Chips (150g) was £1.99 now £1.00 @ Tesco

Burts Guinness Thick Cut Potato Chips (150g) was £1.99 now £1.00 @ Tesco

Found 22nd Sep 2014
Burts Guinness Thick Cut Potato Chips (150g) was £1.99 now £1.00
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What's the alcohol volume, and do you need ID to buy them?.
I love Guinness , but wasn't too fussed on these, a big bag through for a £1
I tried these - not great
Never had any Burts crisps.. Looking at the web site, these look like posh crisps for posh folk...Firecracker Lobster comes in the same bag colour as ye olde prawn cocktail.
They sell them at the work canteen, you'd have to be drunk to stomach them! Awful flavoring.
As a connoisseur of the crisp I can confirm that all Burt's crisps and fantastic except the Guiness ones which are at best peculiar.
I like my crisps and I like my Guinness , but these are awful
I am with rdbradshaw on these....they taste dreadful.
Anything Guinness flavoured that isn't actually Guinness tastes awful, including the chocolate and the sauce. No reason to doubt these are the same.
These are fantastic, also the Guiness cashews are superb...Have some heat
Love Burt's crisps so hot.
just consider these akin to roast beef, dissapointing though in comparison bearing in mind the much inflated price absolutely awful, I contacted the customer service, they never replied, seem not to compare, a product I shall not bother shelling out for again. useless firm with expensive packaging, shame, I like to support british farmers & smaller uk firms.

same goes for those muppets at "love-da-pop"
Love these crisps and the chilli flavour ones
These were very nice a year ago but then they decided to utterly ruin them by cutting the flavour to a quarter of the strength and the same goes for the dark colouring supposed to look like Guinness. Now they are too pale. I complained to them and simply, they ain't gonna go back to how they were when they first came out. They could be prosecuted under trade descriptions act for selling a product that tastes absolutely nothing like its name. Too expensive too. I bought my last ever pack two weeks ago. If they had any sense which they clearly don't, they would do something. I'm not hopeful.
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