Busbi 1GB Flash Drive plus free Docking Station £9.39 (£13.79 delivered)
Busbi 1GB Flash Drive plus free Docking Station £9.39 (£13.79 delivered)

Busbi 1GB Flash Drive plus free Docking Station £9.39 (£13.79 delivered)

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Busbi 1GB Flash Drive plus free Docking Station
Making your files portable, this Busbi 1GB flash drive package includes a free docking station, and gives you speedy access to your data from just about any PC or Apple Mac. Take MP3s, photos, documents, spreadsheets, etc, all in your pocket with the handy Busbi 1gb USB 2.0 drive, ready to transfer content to and from computers at rapid speed. This easily replaces a CD-R or CD-RW disc, offering more storage, and better portability.
No power supply or battery needed, this USB memory drive is ready to go on Windows PC and Apple Mac. Included in this package is Usafe security, giving you 100% password protection, along with a Concise Oxford English dictionary program that has an up-to-date vocabulary of over 240,000 words, phrases and meanings, with pronounciation facilities for various words!
Bringing an element of ease is the docking station, cutting out the need to plug the drive right to the computer each time you need it. The docking station goes from your machine's USB port to your desk - a simple unit that brings USB connectivity closer to you. Just insert the memory drive, and take advantage of the massive gigabyte memory capacity.
Busbi 1GB USB Flash Drive
Busbi is the latest USB Flash drive to use the DiskOnKey Technology. Busbi gives you the opportunity to have the power & performance of DiskOnKey technology at fantastic prices. With capacities from 128Mb to 1Gb you can take your files, photos, music, in fact all types of data with you wherever you go.
Product Type - USB flash drive
Storage Capacity - 1 GB
Transfer Rate - Read - 13MB/s
Interface Type - USB
Transfer Rate - Write - 5MB/s
Manufacturer Warranty - 2 years warranty
Disco - USB Docking Station
The disgo cradle, designed with ease-of-use and style in mind, makes access to your disgo quick and easy.
Compatible with all disgo designs, it cradles your portable disgo within easy reach on your desk in your office or at home. Simply plug the connector into your computer's USB port. The next time you want to access your disgo, just plug it into the cradle.
Suitable for Disgo USB storage devices
Compact and portable design
Can act as USB2.0 port extension
USB 2.0 high speed compatible
Black colour

Busbi Features
Busbi U3 Smart Drives are the second generation in USB Flash Drive technology and bring a new level of intelligence to the device. This innovative approach to USB Flash allows you to use your drive to carry files AND software programs. Imagine the convenience of being able to see your own desktop, with your own personal settings and your own programs on any computer, anywhere, anytime-and when you're finished you leave no trace of having been on the host computer.

Software trials included - Migo
This program allows you to synchronize with your computer to bring your entire desktop where ever you go, so you can work on any computer as if it were your own. Migo determines what information should be added and updated ensuring your key files, including email, and settings are always current and complete.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary
This world-famous dictionary offers the most authoritative description of the English language, with up-to-date coverage of over 240,000 words, phrases, and meanings. A special feature of this program will pronounce 50,000 of the most common words with just one click.

This is a password management program with a virtually unlimited capacity for saved passwords. It allows you to automatically fill out web based forms, protect yourself when you submit forms containing sensitive information, and fill out 'sign-up' forms with automatically generated pseudo random passwords, user names and 'disposable email addresses.'
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