Busbi 1GB U3 Flash Drive - £5.99 delivered !!

Busbi 1GB U3 Flash Drive - £5.99 delivered !!

Found 26th Jun 2007
Busbi 1GB U3 Flash Drive - £5.99 delivered @ Play.com !

Description : The Busbi revolutionises the way we think about storing data, not only because it is so small and easy to use but, also because of its standard features. Ranging from 1GB to 4GB the Busbi can store, carry and share anything on your computer - files, pictures, MP3s, movies! As Busbi needs no drivers you can plug and play and it works on any PC or Mac.

U3 : Busbi U3 Smart Drives are the second generation in USB Flash Drives technology and bring a new level of intelligence to the device. It is now possible to install U3 Smart programs to U3 Smart enabled USB Flash Drives and the integrated Launchpad acts as a one-click gateway to the installed applications or software portals. All 1GB, 2G and 4G busbi USB keys carry the U3 platform, which offers the following attributes:

User does not need admin rights (as software is run from the device)| The user leaves no traces on the host PC | The entire key can be password protected using Usafe | User can store all personal settings on the drive.


looks really good, good spot op

Good spot edi :thumbsup:

Just be warned certain versions of u3 software will NOT work under vista, I had mine password locked and could not open it after i upgraded to vista! Ended up taking it to a mates house to unlock it backing up all my files from it and using the u3 removal tool, to me the u3 software is a waste of time as you can get portable versions of most apps so the u3 is bloatware! Good value though for the drive!

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Features :-

Available in 1GB, 2GB & 4GB capacities
Requires no power supply, batteries, adapters or cables
Read 9MB/s
Write 3MB/s
2 years warranty
No traces left on host computer
Enable 100% password protection with USafe
Easily install U3 Smart programs to the Launchpad
Direct access to ]clever-stuff.ie and ]u3.com range of U3 Smart programs

[COLOR=darkred]Software trials included[/COLOR]

Migo : This program allows you to synchronize with your computer to bring your entire desktop where ever you go, so you can work on any computer as if it were your own. Migo determines what information should be added and updated ensuring your key files, including email, and settings are always current and complete.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary : This world-famous dictionary offers the most authoritative description of the English language, with up-to-date coverage of over 240,000 words, phrases, and meanings. A special feature of this program will pronounce 50,000 of the most common words with just one click.

SignupShield : This is a password management program with a virtually unlimited capacity for saved passwords. It allows you to automatically fill out web based forms, protect yourself when you submit forms containing sensitive information, and fill out 'sign-up' forms with automatically generated pseudo random passwords, user names and 'disposable email addresses.'

does anyone know if this drive supports vista readyboost?

U3 may have extra security features, but be warned when it comes to using them on public computers e.g schools and libraries they dont seem to work if u dont have administrative rights!! i have had many issues with these hence would never buy 1 again, although the price is still good m8 :thumbsup:

I've used U3 on a Sandisk Cruzer and found it to be a pain in the neck - it launched without any permission and it left a phantom drive on my PC despite the fact it claims it leaves the host PC intact.

However, once U3 is uninstalled the usb drive works just as a normal device so while U3 is an annoyance I don't think it's a dealbreaker.

If you like the idea of U3, I recommend looking at ]http//ww…com - this is an open source system which gives you the full choice of what you have running on your usb stick. There's a variety of open source apps all produced to work entirely from the memory stick and leave the host PC alone, as memory size increases of these devices it means you can more easily afford the space required for this sort of use.



i got the sandisc U3 version wicked. U3 is amazing!
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