Bush 26" HD ready Digital LCD TV - £379.99

Bush 26" HD ready Digital LCD TV - £379.99

Found 23rd Jan 2007
This lcd tv is currently on offer of £379.99 looks pretty good having both hd and digital ready.

Please search for item no 5291845 as the direct link isn't working - emmajk42


Item number ....... 5291845

Actually I don't think it is that model meagain, that's a 30". EDIT - I see you've corrected it now

Can you please provide a bit more info in your posts masterwai, such as a description and a price in the thread title

kinda expensive for a bush..

i read a review of the bush yesterday, didnt do too well. bad picture, worse sound if i remember right. what sound and hifi & home entertainment.

Id stay away, you can get a 32" for about the same price, and it will probably be better quality as well.
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