Bush 49" Full HD TV @ Argos for £189.99

Bush 49" Full HD TV @ Argos for £189.99

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Very cheap for a 49"


how much is it normally?

Heat added...

that is silly money. are they any good?

Waiting for the bush jokes...

enough for playing games and Netflix good deal.


Waiting for the bush jokes...

Oooooh nothing nicer than a large Bush...... didnt want to dissapoint....:{

Vestel based as per usual, but what more do you want for the money?



only 2hdmi though

For the price its a utter bargain for a games room or bedroom tv. Wouldnt recommend for the main setup TV though. No freeview HD tuner also by the looks of it which is a bummer.
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It has 10p extra than all the other full HD ones at 1090p

Site looks like its crashed, wont allow to add to basket....

yes I can't get it to load into basket either

Site crashed

Why is it just the 49" TVs getting decent prices?!

I'm waiting for a 40" Full HD one to drop under £130

brilliant tv. bargain. ive had mine for couple of years. faultless. excellent when playing my xbox one through it.

Still unable to add this to the cart. All other products seem to work.

Nice to see Argos' exception handling is as thorough as ever

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argos site has crashed

CSA on live chat has told me that it's showing as sold out and discontinued on her system

Good deal

Very good price

Yep - Argos site has crashed, you can't buy this item. No stock info at any stores available either.

Was this online only? A mate of mine is after it, so if she can go in store and get it she will.

Anyone managed to get this?

tried to add it to my trolley but just got a loading screen anyone know if this is still available ?
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