BUSH BSFF60 Retro fridge freezer 297L (black/cream/red) @ Homebase £279.99

BUSH BSFF60 Retro fridge freezer 297L (black/cream/red) @ Homebase £279.99

Found 24th Dec 2014
Just bought this fridge last time they had a 20% discount code offer running.
Its a really good fridge freezer with plenty of storage space.
Its a ;no frost' freezer which apparently is a special new frost free technology or something...
Either way... it looks like a SMEG style fridge, its very good and a great price.
The only issue i had was the BUSH decal on the front was a cheaply printed vinyl sticker rather than raised letters, which I've since removed!
Ive also purchased a cool white LED bulb to replace the orange glow with something that matches my modern kitchen lighting.

I havent a clue why the express delivery listing is £170 more... seems a little excessive for delivery lol.

This retro fridge freezer has a sleek design and impactful colour to bring excitment into the kitchen. It offers large capacity, flexible storage and boasts frost free technology meaning you will never need to manually defrost. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty for total piece of mind.

This item includes our Express Delivery service. Usually delivered within 2 working days.

Key specifications:
Size H185, W59.5, D63.3cm.
Frost free.
Energy efficiency rating: A+.
Energy consumption: 281kWh per year based on standard test results for 24 hours.
Storage capacity 11.8 cu ft.
Net fresh food storage volume 225 litres.
Net frozen food storage volume 72 litres.
Star rating: 4.
Reversible door.
Noise level 43dB.

Fridge specifications:
3 shelves (anti-spill safety glass).
Automatic defrost.
Extra deep fridge door storage.
1 vegetable compartment.

Freezer specifications:
3 plastic drawers.
12 hours power failure safe storage.

General information:
Operating temperature 18 to 38°C and therefore .
Freezer at bottom.
Open door alert.
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This fridge freezer is VERY similar to the SERVIS one which is £600+
Edited by: "adamck" 24th Dec 2014
Just noticed... its the SAME FRIDGE!!
Look at the inside, its exactly the same apart from a wine rack shelf!


Yet the SERVIS one is £699 in Co-op Electrical!
Just remove the Bush name and you're sorted and you friends and family won't think you're a cheapskate

Seriously though, looks like a reasonable deal for what it is compared to the Servis version which is clearly overpriced and no doubt ready to have a massive boxing deal reduction.
I don't care what people think of me

I assume though that this probably wouldn't last as long as a Bosch/Miele for instance? We need something like this, awaiting the sales with hope!
Well the Servis is clearly the same fridge freezer, same spec and certainly the same internals.
The Servis also has 5 years warranty so I'm imagining it should be ok, obviously a SMEG or Miele would probably last longer, but were talking a difference between £280 and 2800 though....
Its a shame there is seeming nowhere to see on in the flesh as it were..Unless anyone knows different.
Adamck - was it easy to remove the sticker?

Adamck - was it easy to remove the sticker?

Yes removing the sticker was a 5 second job, its just vinyl... didn't need any heat or cleaning products etc...
Just pick it off.

A close up of the sticker

The fridge is great, ill upload a photo of mine in a moment (without the sticker).
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Its a shame there is seeming nowhere to see on in the flesh as it … Its a shame there is seeming nowhere to see on in the flesh as it were..Unless anyone knows different.

BUSH is owned by the home retail group (Argos and Homebase) so this is basically a SERVIS fridge, rebranded and sold to ARGOS and Homebase with a BUSH sticker slapped on the front.
So not its VERY unlikely to ever see this in the flesh unless you find one used OR refurbished...

Heres a pic of mine (kitchen is still being finished)

If you need any info or pics then don't hesitate to shout and ill try and help out.
VERY happy with mine though!
Thanks! I'd buy it in a blink if it was for me, I'm trying to get one for my mum who seemingly has to look at every fridge freezer in Currys before deciding the freezer is too small or the fridge isn't right (grrr).

Appreciate the pic though, looks very smart. Is it right that it come with a 2 year warranty? And also do you find the freezer compartment big enough (bit subjective) - please don't put yourself out answering this - the odds of my mum going for an unseen fridge are practically 0

Warranty is 2 years

It also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty for total piece of … It also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty for total piece of mind.

The freezer compartment is a good size, I'm lucky as i also have a small chest freezer in the utility room. I freeze quite a lot of stuff and buy in bulk from Costco when theres good meat deals on!

Overall i really rate this fridge, apart from the cheap BUSH sticker, i would give it 5 STARS!

edit: knew it, she went for the Currys Hotpoint in the end. You can lead a horse to water...

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I saw this on Argos site last week at £299, but now gone upto £349!
I just tried to order from the homebase site and I carnt find it, the red model is available but no details of it in cream
Anyone know why????
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